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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by swedeboy, Jan 27, 2007.

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    "Ericmoldwarrior" brought up a good point about living in Incline Village and feeling out of breath, with the altitude at over 6000 feet. It makes me wonder if Dr.Peterson of "Sierra Internal Medicine" follows Dr.Cheney's hypoxic theory?

    I am very interested in learning about Dr.Peterson's treatments. He was awarded a "Pioneer Spirit Award" at this years Florida conference. However, I didn't see any info about him in any of the conference summaries. Does anyone know where I can find out more about his treatments? Or is anyone a patient of his?

    I have the application to see him. However in his application, it doesn't state anything abour treatments. It just says how much it will cost, and what tests need to be performed. Before I drive 200 miles and potentially spend a copuple thousand dollars I would like to know where he lies in regards to the latest CFS treatments and theories.

    Also in Peterson's application it says that 8-10 weeks after the intial appointment a summary, and treatment recommendations will be sent to my Primary Care Physician. I hope that my General Practitioner will follow Peterson's suggestions so that my time, energy, and money go towards helping my CFS.

    Any suggests on this would be great. I still have my Appointment with Dr. Montoya in February, however, I am wondering if Peterson may take a more comprhensive approach to treating CFS. I'm gonna wait until after I meet with Montoya before I send in the application for Peterson.

    Peace and Love, Sean
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    My doctor mentioned Dr. Montoya, Dr. Lerner and Dr. Peterson as all taking the same approach to CFS with regard to using very large doses of Valcyte at the beginning of the treatment in order to minimize the chance of resistant strains. (As you know, my doctor takes a different approach.)

    My doctor says he knows Dr. Peterson, but did not elaborate on whether he is doing anything else to build up patients' systems.

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    Cheney used the same line in his presentation on the videotape: "The good thing about CFS is that although it may make you wish you were dead, it doesn't kill you."

    This got a nervous laugh from at least one or two members of the audience. This is so patiently true that it seems not worthy of laughter....although perhaps the laughter recognized the truth.

    Cheney then went on to point out how CFS can kill people indirectly by causing other problems.

    Whether we believe that it actually does cause early heart attacks and cancer, the possibility that its difficulties leads some people to kill themselves seems worthy of our attention.

    I believe that there are things that we can do for people to help them feel better enough that they don't feel so bad that life does not seem worth living. There are treatments for CFS that, while they don't cure you, help a lot.

    Coming to terms with living with a serious illness and feeling that life is worthwhile despite it is important too. I believe that if nothing else, getting support from others is an important step that we all can achieve if we figure out how to do so in an appropriate way.

    I sort of doubt that Dr. Peterson is just following along with whatever Dr. Cheney says. The fact that he is prescribing anti-virals is testament to the fact that he's doing some things differently.

    On the other hand, regardless of whether we believe Dr. Cheney is on the right track, I think it would be foolish to ignore everything that he has to say out of hand. We have so little information about CFS as it is that every bit of knowledge is worthwhile to at least consider when figuring out what to do.

    Anyone who claims to have the answer to CFS (particularly if they don't share their treatments with others) is suspect. But researchers or practitioners who ignore information available is also suspect.

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    Thanks Lisa and NoFool. Your comments really help.
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    He is also running clinical trials with Ampligen with doctors Bateman and Lapp, I believe. They're in phase III of the trials. My doc said that Ampligen in pill form might be out in 3-5 years.


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