is anyone having a problem with depression?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by tooty, Apr 12, 2007.

  1. tooty

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    im having a bad time with depression,just not feeling right mentally.some antidepressants make it worse. my brain is just not functioning right.ihave no appetite either.i have cfs, my daughter does too but shes able to stay more positive than me.did anyone go through this ,and does it get better over time.please let me know.susan
  2. fivesue

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    Since be dxed with clinical depression over 10 yers ago, now, I have had my ups and downs with this disease. Right now, I am down. I have tried almost every AD on the market, and they all seem to work for a while...

    So, I sympathize with you. I wish I were more positive, but just not in the cards right now. I have a good life so that makes this even crazier.

    Chemical imbalance...don't know what more to say.

    I hope that your will feel better soon. Sunshine helps

  3. LittleBluestem

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    Check the library here for an article about antidepressants by Dr. Cheney. Some antidepressants make many people with CFS worse. They did me and I wasn’t even particularly depressed. The SSRIs were the doctors’ newest toy at the time, so that was what I got.
  4. kriket

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    you might try the depression board. I struggle with clinical depression and that board really helps me out when I'm bummed out.

  5. Catseye

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    Hi tooty,

    I had lots of cognitive and irritability problems until I figured out I was deficient in most of the nutrients that your brain needs to produce neurotransmitters, which are required for brain as well as many bodily functions. Search for my post called "neurotransmitter precursors" dated Jan 18 for a detailed list of what we need and what it does. I take these supplements everyday and now I'm totally happy and can read as much as I want.

    good luck,

  6. Engel

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    I was dx'd with clinical depression 23 years ago. I refused meds until 4 years ago when I was having panic attacks and chest pains and I finally went on anti-depressants at that time. I am returning to counseling May 2. I just could not afford that along with all of the other expenses I am incurring with this FMS.
  7. jole

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    am in counseling right now for the depression. Some days I cannot do anything, and they feel it's the depression. I feel it's the FM pain and fatigue. Either way, I hope to be able to cope with it better and some day be a little more positive. It's sooo hard to be positive and happy when the pain, fatigue, lack of energy keeps you down so much of the time. To me, it's like the chicken and the egg....
  8. Ihavenolife

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    Im almost 19 and am in my first year of University and I have had major depression for almost 2 years now. My depression just gets worse because a lot of things that I have no control over get worse. I can barely make it through school and im started to get poor grades. Im on the edge, I really dont want to live anymore. I was never really happy as a teenager before I had depression, now its worse.

    I was put on Zoloft for a while and it helped make me a bit happier for about a month. It did not really help any of the negative physical symtoms I had. Eventaully I took myself off of it. I think its very important to have someone to talk to about it because it will keep you from losing your mind entirely. I dont know if I will ever recover as my family does not understand my problems and just try to pretend they dont exist.

    best of luck
  9. Ihavenolife

    Ihavenolife New Member

    I feel the same way =(. It is a disease and its one that people dont understand. I wish I wish I could just kill myself but I dont want to ruin my brothers life.
  10. poeticbobbi

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    I have FM but am also going thru menopause.So keeping my mind right is a daily task.I have found that my stubborness works well for me.Feeling down makes me sad and then mad,thats when I fight back cause I feel like someone else is running my life.Im not making light of depression but when I first was diagnosed I too stayed down,but I was missing life, it was passing me by.Now 12 years later I push myself(mentally) and try to focus on the things I love to do.Doesn't always work but when it does its great.
  11. Catseye

    Catseye Member

    Didn't you look at my post? There is something you can do! You can make sure your body has what it needs to make the chemicals you need to feel good! I have researched this for years, literally! They work! You are simply deficient in some nutrients. Well, we all are. And now, because we have gotten so bad, our own GI tract can't operate properly and get everything we need from the food we eat. So I take concentrated amino acids, among other things, that is basically just the stuff we would be getting from food. The results are phenomenal! You will not find a doctor to recommend them because they have not learned about them in school and they are in direct competition with the drugs they sell. Doctors are drug salesmen only, they cannot help you if you are simply deficient in nutrients.

    I'll start a new thread with the "neurotransmitter precursors". You should try these things and then you will kick yourselves in the butt when you find the right combination and see how easy it is. Start researching these things yourselves, the results will give you your lives back. I went through this and it's no longer an issue for me.

    best wishes,

  12. mhc

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    I feel like that too. the only energy I seem to be able to muster is when I PANIC about how the hell I'm going to support myself and my two children when I'm so sick and spacey and messed up all the time...
    BUT.. I know that living with it can be better if I can drag myself out of this hole and just deal within the framework I have. Because, in fact, it's NOT stage 5 cancer- Or parkinsons- or MS. Feels eexactly like it, looks like it, they bloody test me for all those and much much more every couple of years- But I'm still alive and functining at some level for my kids and the people that love me.
    try not to despair. if only because it does no good.
  13. mhc

    mhc New Member

    I am having a really hard time with depression right now as well. What's not to be depressed about? They just raised my meds, but it really hasn't helped. I am interested to read about the "brain nutrients" referred to later on in htis thread.
  14. lostcloud

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    One of the thing I've know is that depression is like doing drugs you can really never get away because it is a every day fight! depression is different in everyone. Everyone will fight defferent but know that as long as you fight the you are alright. Never let it take you and all you other people with depression know what i mean
  15. Fmandy

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    I can become depressed if I focus on a worrisome situation in which I really can't control, like my grown daughter's marriages.

    So, I try my best to keep it off of my mind. I think this is how SSRIs (ADs) help me. They allow me to "change channels" and not dwell on depressive thoughts.

    I also am at home most of the time and do not have a social life, because I am sick. Coming here and connecting with real humans, lol, helps my mental state a lot.

    I am having the best day that I can remember having in a long time. I went to the doctor yesterday and he started me on Cipro and I got a shot of B-12. The Cipro is for pelvic floor pain. I am also going to get an MRI or CT scan of my butt next week and see what's going on down there. It sometimes feels like 5 monkeys with a football down there :)

    Y'all be good and healthy. Go get you a B-12 shot whether you need it or not. I happen to need them, and so does anyone that takes the proton pump inhibitors like Nexium or prilosec. They prevent a lot of your B-12 from being absorbed.

    To heck with sadness :)

  16. Waynesrhythm

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    I have believed for a long time that most of the depression, panic attacks, anxiety, etc. that we with CFS/FM deal with is primarily due to nutritional deficiencies. These deficiencies in turn lead to brain neurotransmitter deficiencies.

    One reason I’ve felt this is I’ve always heard that people with depression generally lose interest in life and doing things. Almost everybody on this board mentions how they so wish they could follow their passions and interests. Quite a contrast.

    I am posting primarily to emphasize that I feel the post by Karen is the mental health equivalent of being handed a valuable gemstone. Although I feel I have addressed a lot of my own nutritional deficiencies quite well, I have nowhere near the knowledge and experience that Karen is sharing with us. I plan to take full advantage of this gift. Thanks Karen.

    Regards to all, Wayne

    P.S. I read once that we actually have more brain neurotransmitters in our gastrointestinal (GI) tract than we do in our brains. Since so many of us deal with both brain dysfunction and GI distress, the lack of neurtransmitters sure appears like it could be a common factor in both.[This Message was Edited on 04/21/2007]