Is anyone having success with Marshall Protocal?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by squirtpepper, Jan 15, 2006.

  1. squirtpepper

    squirtpepper New Member

    I have been reading about the Marshall Protocal on the web, and got really excited about something maybe working. I've had CFIDS/Fibro (or whatever it is we have!!!) for at least 6 years now and haven't been able to work outside my home. I am at the point where I'm tired of trying so many things that don't work, so I was wanting to try this. I can't get either my G.P.or my Blood Specialist to get on board though. How about the rest of you? Thanks. Squirtpepper
  2. victoria

    victoria New Member

    altho I had to put doing phase 2 off for over 6 months, feel I have backslid as a result, just now going to begin the second part...

    "Life' got in the way, couldn't afford to herx and feel bad as I have senile inlaws living with us past 6+ months, finally have someone taking care of them, so now, ON WITH THE PROGRAM! BTW, unless I had felt the surge of energy I felt, resulting from the MP, just before they moved in I could never have coped as long as I have without help!

    And yes it was hard to find the right doctor, but found a super one...

    you will hear LOTS of negatives, but this protocol, just like others, doesn't work for everyone, and there will be lots of research cited both pro and con. Keep in mind it is experimental, just like what Cheney is doing with the heart, etc., etc.

    You might put 'marshall protocol' in the search box up above... to see all the comments good and bad on this site.

    For me the benicar alone took away all the crippling hip pain I was having (felt worse than my 88 yo MIL!), the minocycline plus benicar gave me extra energy once I was taking full dose of minocycline, and the MP allowed - or rather, made it obvious - that as I proceeded I needed to cut back on my thyroid... from 3 grains Armour to 1/2 grain... & yes my recent blood tests on thyroid are just dandy.

    there have been a bunch of people who used to frequent this board a lot who did it, and a whole lot faster than me, with very good responses, and a few with bad responses...

    Again, so far I haven't seen anything work for everyone who has tried it though... but it is worth trying if you are disciplined enough to follow it perfectly.

    All the best,
  3. victoria

    victoria New Member

    I haven't cleaned out my files on my computer for so long, stuff is highly disorganized so I can't find what I need to give you the best answers...

    brain fog on top of it as I've been taking ibuprofen since having a lot of dental work done, really wreaks havoc with my thinking/remembering.

    Have you looked at the info at the marshall protocol site?


    benicar is an ARB (angiotension receptor blocker), and stealth pathogens have receptor sites for them, so taking it 'cripples' the pathogens... arthritis has been linked to stealth pathogens... ARBs have also helped some people with migraines too, and other problems. Bacteria is increasingly being linked with all kinds of things like heart disease (c. pneumonia /sp) and they have found the type of bacteria normally confined to the mouth in atherosclerotic plaque in vessels.

    From what I've read, my guess is some type of stealth infection is why arthritis symptoms appeared in my hips, etc., and the benicar disabled them .... others have had disappearance of similar symptoms including thyroid med need while doing the MP.

    I don't doubt that I have some type of infection, just don't have insurance to pay the thousands of dollars worth of testing I would need...tests are not cheap.

    we ARE spending it out of our pockets on our now 18 yo son who did show up with active and long-term Lyme disease after beginning to get the physical symptoms I have had, but at the tender age of 16; so I wouldn't doubt that I have it too.

    Will be back when I find what I'm looking for...

    All the best,
  4. squirtpepper

    squirtpepper New Member

    Thanks to those who replied to my inquiry. I'm bumbing this up again to see if anyone else replies. Anyone else out there had any success on the Marshall Protocal?

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