Is anyone on COBRA for medical Ins.?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by laura81655, Dec 1, 2008.

  1. laura81655

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    My husband will probably be retiring at the end of this month. I am covered on his Health net plan through his employment. We live in San Diego county. I am sure that I can get Cobra for a year/18 mo's--not sure of the length of time. Then through HIPPA I should be able to get coverage when Cobra runs out. Does this sound correct to anyone who has gone through this? I know that COBRA is aout 10% higher than regular ins. This will be a tough one....any other ideas or experience with COBRA would be great. Thank you!

  2. Janalynn

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    I've utilized Cobra in the past. The particular health ins. plan I was on was good so it made sense for me to continue and elect Cobra. Truthfully I don't remember how much more expensive it was, but it SEEMS much more expensive because you don't have the employer portion paid. Everything else is the same.
    I'm scared to death for the day that I for one reason or another get off my group ins. as I know it will be hard to get coverage with a pre-existing condition.

    PITATOO Member

    When I left my full time job to pursue a business I took Cobra for 18months which is the limit. It was not too much more as it was a single plan. I took a policy with the same insurance company when my Cobra ran out and that made it so I did not have to worry about pre-existing conditions. And the cost is about the same as the Cobra when I take into consideration co-pays etc. I'm not sure what Ins. Company you have on Cobra(whatever you had while you were working) but I would check for plans way before you run out of Cobra, I think it will put at ease your fears. Why worry about it for 18 months when it may be okay? I worried for a long time and when I finally got the nerve my premiums were lower on non-Cobra and with the pre-existing being non-existent because I kept the same company; I should have done this immediately so I did not have to go on Cobra. Not sure where you live and the rates vary greatly from state to state, but here in Michigan I at least have that going for me. But now my business is taking a worse for the turn. I am glad I saved almost all I made until I can find another client or two(I am an Independent Computer Consultant). My last "gig" ended Sept. 13. I thought it would be nice to have time off but I am losing my mind. - But please check out plans, usually if you call the insurance you have cobra through they will have a transition plan you can go right on and forgo your pre-exiting conditions(s) Good luck - Bobby
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    Cobra is just a law I believe. You have the same insurance plan as before, then when Cobra runs out, you fall under the HIPPA law which states the insurance company MUST accept you for coverage forever, as long as you pay the premium

    Many people don't take Cobra then discover they are never able to get health insurance (unless they get a job). I took Cobra many years ago when my husband retired, then when it ran out, I purchased the same coverage under HIPPA. If not for the HIPPA law I would not have been denied coverage.

    They also would not allow me to change the insurance plan in any way. At one time I wanted to reduce coverage to decrease the premium. I own a insurance business and have checked on health plans many times, trying to reduce the premium. I am age 57 and everyone tells me that the premium I pay ($800. a month for Blue Cross PPO) is the going rate.

    I strongly suggest you do not let the Cobra go by as you may never get a health plan again.

    The HR department at your husband's work will explain this to you. By law they must mail you the Cobra forms and you have a limited amount of time to sign up.

    When I switched to Cobra is was alot higher. The best place to check is the HR people. They can find out the rate, etc.

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