Is anyone with FMS In Smyrna, LaVergne,TN

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Nana61, Jul 18, 2003.

  1. Nana61

    Nana61 New Member

    Please respond! This board is wonderful but I need a friend that I can actually talk to, like on the phone. Someone may live down the street, who knows.
    Please I need a friend who really understands and doesn't think we are just lazy. I had someone actually say this to me tonight when they came over to visit.
    Nana Or Jan
  2. grannyofalot

    grannyofalot New Member

    I'm not in Smyrna or LaVergne, but I'm in Memphis.... little too far to meet for a coke, but I sure do wish we were closer! I, too have a dificult time getting anyone to understand including my husband and family. Some of the others on here from this area have talked about starting a support group, but it just hasn't gotten off the ground yet. Maybe someday.

    Anyhow, just wanted to let you know that at least there are some fellow Tenneseans on here.

    Oh, by the way, I was just up in your neck of the woods 2 weeks ago. Visiting my daughter in law's parents in Hermitage.

    Again, welcome to the site, and may be some day, we'll all get to meet and chat in person.

    God Bless and may He give you a less painful day today.

  3. Nana61

    Nana61 New Member

    I was begining to wonder if anyone was going to answere my post. Even though you are in Memphis and too far for a visit, it's nice to know that there is a fellow Tennesseean here. By the way, I have 7 grandchildren, how about you? Again, thanks for responding. Nana/Jan
  4. grannyofalot

    grannyofalot New Member

    Sure wish we were closer! We have a lot in common. My 10th granchild is due in Dec. We have 6 children, so I expect a few more little ones one day. Unfortunately, they're spread out all over the states.
    I saw in your bio that you are a Christian... that is something else we have in common. And, if I don't get off this computer, I'm going to be yawning in church tomorrow, even though, our preacher is soooo good and interesting. lol

    You have a wonderful day tomorrow.

    Soft fibrohugs to you and yours.