Is arthritis just another symptom of fm??

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by mrsjethro, Jun 25, 2006.

  1. mrsjethro

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    I don't remember inviting "arther" to the fm party, so apparently he has just recently decided to crash right on in. I'm finding all sorts of new symptoms as the fm progresses (I know they say this is not progressive, but mine sure does seem to be). Oh well, something new and exciting every week....

    Now all of a sudden on top of everything else, Every joint in my body is throbbing and really hurts. My hands, fingers and wrists seem to be the worst, but it's also hurting in my elbows, knees and ankles. Somedays, I just can't seem to catch a break...

    I am still very thankful for those good days, though they just seem to get father apart and last for a lot shorter time than they used to.

    Is this common? Anyone have any feedback on this.

    I'm supposed to go for more blood work again next week. After all of this time, and having previously been on thyroid medication a couple of years ago, I just found out that they haven't even checked that any of these last few times I've had the bloodwork done. I suppose we really do have to take charge of our own health (including suggesting our own tests)...more than I realized.
  2. mrsjethro

    mrsjethro New Member

  3. JLH

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    I was going to tell you the exact same thing that Donnaeil just told you!

    No - arthritis is not a symptom of FMS, nor is FMS a symptom of arthritis.

    I happen to have osteoarthritis as well as fibro, systemic lupus, and osteoporosis.

    It is common, though, for some people to have both.

  4. Cinlou

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    Unfortunatly we can suffer from FM and suffer from arthritis too. I had my DX of Degenerative Disc Disease with FM as secondary...but who knows if the Fibro is first and the DDD secondary.

    All I can say, is it is not much fun.....throw in a few trigger points of Myofasial Pain Syndrome and you have hit the jackpot!

    We can have just about anything along with the FM, just reading the posts some of us have many separate diseases to deal with.

    Anything can come to the party! No invitation necessary...
    darn the DD!
    Take care,

  5. kriket

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    My rheumatologist told me that arthritis can be detected in a blood test. He said that your body puts off some sort of chemical from arthritis whereas fibro. it does not.

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    Ive been checked for everything under the sun and I do not have rheumotoid arthritis, lupus,MS, or anything else they can think of. I also get my thyroid levels checked every 3 mths. It has taken many yrs for us to get my thyroid levels ok.

    Im not trying to make lite of your symtoms, they really are all part of my fibromyalgia.

  7. gnanny

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    It seems so long ago now when I began this journey....I went to the doctor complaining of leg pain. They said I had every 'itis' . They xrayed my knees and said 'o wonder. Look at all this arthritis. You will need to have to have tose replaced' then they quit looking for anything else. I just didnt think arthritis would bother the tendons and ligaments and muscles like that. Sure enough 12 years later a doctor sent me to the rheumy who took less than 10 seconds to diagnos Fibro. Now its been several more years and now knees and other joints hurt directly in the joints the way I think arthritis does. No picnic for sure.

    I just was put on a med that seems to help a little with the swelling and inflamation. Fenedel or fenedyl. sorry fog was clouded my memory.
    I have not done the knee replacement yet but am closer to 'ready'. I hesitate mostly because I am not convinced that the meds will work on me. I have had dental and in office procedures done where I still felt the pain or it wore off too quickly and their comment was that it was enough to put down an elephant. Yeah like that helps !

    The blood test can identify Rhuematoid arthritis but not osteoarthritis.

    good luck and best wishes, stephananny

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