is being in a wheelchair all part and parcel?

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  1. Shelbyeatenton

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    I have had Fibromyalgia for just over a year, and was diagnosed about 6 months ago (fairly quickly) and so i am still really learning about the syndrome and getting to grips with everything. I have gone from training to be a ballet dancer to being in too much pain to walk. I have been in a wheelchair for about 3 months. My rheumatologist just says that when i start at the pain clinic it it all come in place, but i just wanted to know that im not on my own? you know how easy it is to fall into that negative trap of feeling alone. Please can you also offer me some advice on keeping my muscles strong. I am unable to stand with support at the moment. (not through weakness, through pain) Also, please could people give me some ideas or experiences of how long they have been (or even better how long they were, and are now out of) a wheelchair?

    Many thanks and best wishes to you all,
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    Hey, wish I could help...but have not experienced this yet....but I'm BUMPING for others advice!
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    Are you in a wheelchair in the house? It sounds as if you are. I've used one for trips outside the house for over 15 years.
    You could try some gentle stretching exercises to start with, there's some + other good advice in Claudia Marek's book 'Fibromyalgia - the first year'. It seems that you first need to sort the pain out with your specialists though.

    I really hope that things improve for you Shelby xxx
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    i use a wheelchair for fatigue and have for a few years. i have a manual chair and made a tall back and head rest as i often don't have energy to hold my head up. i can't operate the chair other than for short distances such as across the room, using my feet and hands, but it allows me to sit up. i have an electric chair that i use on the few occasions that i leave the house. it has given me the ability to get out for a short time once in awhile. i have improved in my health so that i can operate the electric wheelchair, but earlier i was too feeble to operate it--took too much brain power and finger manipulation for my fatigued body.

    if you are using it for pain, it seems like there are other alternatives, and if you can get some things stabilized and under control, you shouldn't need it eventually. i am thinking sleep--do you get any restorative sleep? if not, no wonder you have pain. are you taking anything for the pain? what is your comprehensive treatment plan? blessings to you. jen102
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    Yes i am in a wheelchair around the house and also outside. I use the wheelchair for pain, it is also a manual one, a self propelled one, but fatigue overtakes very quickly! I dont get much restoritive sleep no, My medication plan is Tramadol (zydol) 50mg (4xdaily), Diclofenac (volterol) 50mg (3xdaily), domperidone (motillium) 10mg (3xdaily), Baclofen 10mg (3xdaily),Topiramate (topomax) 50mg (2xdaily), Lamictal (lamotrogrine) 75mg (3xdaily). I have epilepsy which is unstable at the moment, and so feel uncomfortable going swimming in a public pool.this is for my own Safety and also my own self esteem.
    I also think hydrotherapy, with a trained physiotherapist may help? what does anyone think?
    I will definitely look into doing stretching exercises
    many thanks,
  6. Shelbyeatenton

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    i was unable to take the usual treatment of amytryptyline *spelling. :) due to my epilepsy. It doesnt agree with seizures and can trigger them. Does anyone else know any thing, other than what im on?

    Again, many thanks,
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    There are quite a few people here that use walking aids and wheelchairs. I will bump some posts for you. I have weak painful legs but am still standing. Hoping I can keep the strength so I walk for an hour a day. After that hour tho my legs are in severe pain.
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    Yes, I have to use a wheelchair not due to weakness but pain in my legs and feet. I still walk a little around the house, but I can't go anyplace and walk.

    I think it might help you to start hydrotherapy. Just go very slowly. I sometimes do too much in the warm water and am in pain the next day.

    This DD seems to have a mind of it's own and everyone is so different with what we experience with pain and meds.

    I wish you all the best.

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    as I can>It helps strengthen back muscles.I also do deep breathing exercises to deliver more oxygen to my muscleIt's supposed to help the pain.Linda
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    ... for all of your support and ideas for further help. I am waiting on my referal for the pain clinic and they will provide me with a Physiotherapist and i will definitely suggest hydrotherapy with your advice. I am on the higher rate care and mobility component of disability living allowance (its a uk benefit) and there is a scheme called motability which allows you to take money from your benefit to get a state of the art power chair! :) at the moment my Occupational therpapist can provide me with a power chair that can be used indoors only which of course will be a major benefit but one that i can use outdoors, rather than relying on people pushing me around will help me gain independance!
    Thank you again