is better go too Neurological surgery or just neurolog

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    got my MRI but my doctor in not nice so I looking for doc who help me und.I have White lesion and just want to know what next step.I have so much pain in my head.
    love aneta
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    Sclerosis means scars or scarring. It looks white on an MRI since scars are dead tissue. Protease dissolves dead tissue. Anything that ends in -ase is an enzymes. Protien dissolving enzymes are protease.

    MS can be caused by Epstein-Barr virus. Ask the doc to have you tested for it. I had the symptoms of MS, but the doc found NO lesions. I did have EBV.

    Enzymes can also dissolve the protien coating of certain viruses and lipase (lipid [fat] dissolving enzymes) can dissolve the lipid type viruses.

    A favorite enzyme formula on the forum is Virastop. Vitalzym is another favorite of Dr. William Wong, N.D.
    I'm using Walmart's "Rexall" $7/200 tabs. 6/day for my CFS.

    FYI, arterial scarring of the arteries. Docs call it hardening of the arteries. Arteries are muscles that can contract to control blood flow and BP. Scar tissue is dead. Protease dissolves this too.

    Enzymes are normally made by a healthy pancreas and healthy bacteria in the colon. "Probiotics" are healthy bacteria, can be purchase on-line or at the health food store. Enzymes are available from melons, papaya, pineapple in high amounts. Most uncooked (raw) foods contains enzymes. Enzymes are destroyed by heat (pasteurization) for canning or bottling.
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    there was a post some time ago about people having strange spots that show up on mri's of thier brains. i actually have a large one in the posterior hypothalamus. the best advice i can give you is to treat the headaches symptomatically and let the dr's do mri's on a regolare basis just to make sure the spot isn't growing. the spot in my brain and if i remember correctly quite a few others have never had a eal amswer as to what these are but they don't seem to be harmful.

    i hope this helps.


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