is bio warefare a cause our disease?

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    "Is the unthinkable possible, namely that the remarkable (and documented) increase worldwide in incidence and prevalence of ME/CFS is in some way related to a bio-warfare agent such as borreliosis?" So asks an article posted by Tansy. (See "ME exists - true or false?")

    Another article on the board recently has linked CFS with another bio-weapon: engineered mycoplasma. That article (search for "engeneered mycoplasma") discussed the testing of toxic and infectious agents by governments upon their own citizens.

    These concepts are, of course, controvercial and deeply disturbing. I am curious to know if some of our members can provide more information about germ warfare or testing that may relate to us, either in support of or in denial of the idea that these may play a role in our illness.

    What do you think about the milatary use of infectious agents in general? How would you feel if there was proof that your disease resulted, at least in part, from "friendly fire" from scientists developing bioagents in your own backyard?

    I look forward to any information and discussion of this matter.
    (( )) Shannon
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    I just bought the book: Project Day Lily by:

    Garth Nicolson, PhD. and Nancy Nicolson. Also Dr. Hugh O. Smith wrote an article about this that was featured in Better Nutrition--Feb. 2000.

    Garth and Nancy are founders of the Institute of Molecular Medicine. There are websites for these, I'll have to look them up.

    I have not started the book yet but will soon. I do believe in it, though. There is so much going on in this country and others that people are blind to.

    People do not want to know. I bring this up with my own sister and she thinks I am crazy. But my family has been so abusive and dysfunctional, why should I expect any other response.

    Also other people will also think we are crazy to believe this, so I mostly keep my beliefs to myself.

    I believe it is safe to bring this up on this message board, because I do think there are others that believe what I do.

    Let's keep this going, I would love to hear some of the others responses.

    Love and Hugs,


    P.S. There are some members that have read Project Day Lily and Lab 257. There was a thread on the books some time ago.
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    I am not putting this "intellectual discussion" down .. that is my cover statement to the rest I have to say.

    BUT ... I SO wish I could hear from another spouse like me that has REAL and PRACTICAL experience with this issue as I do.

    My husband was in Gulf '91 .. as soon as the cease fire was enforced. He ( in communications from a semi isolated post in N.S.)was attached to the Combat Engineers of Chilliwack .. they were there to remove as much of the land mines and munnitions as possible.
    He was exposed to toxic air and waste from the oil fires and delpleted uranium. Conditions were deplorable along with being "innoculated" with everything under the sun for this term of service. For 6 months ... it was hell on earth.

    Less than two months after he came home, he developed a pneumonia that nearly killed him and that the doctors had only read about in a text book.
    It was a trail of illnesses .. until he finally succumbed to PTSD ( from horrendous sights and circumstances ) with it all and took early retirement due to medical issues.

    I had contact with one other military wife who also was enduring impossible problems with her husband .. now ex .. BUT because my husband was an "attached" member from another post .. I didn't have contact with the rest of those dependant wives .. husbands of these members.

    It is very hard for anyone that hasn't gone through this type of exposure with a spouse so deeply affected by the REALITY of what you are trying to discuss theoretically ..

    I believe my illnesses have an origin from the extrem stress and actually physical exposure to my husband who was "THERE" .. and yes .. I am angry .. our goverment KNOWS more than it will ever admit about what was released and used during the war ..
    My husband has suffered tremendously .. those members HAVE, and their spouses and children HAVE ..

    So this is a double edged sword looking at this thread .. I have experienced THIS .. I'm hoping that some one else who has done the real deal will answer this thread too ..
    But having a "discussion" about a reality of what has happened to my family in short .. makes me a little crazy too.


    to be taking an active role but yes I believe that there is so much going on that we do not know about. I think they inject it in the fast food!!

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    ...last week at lunch. It seems like every day we hear of someone else who we know or knows someone who is developing these kinds of strange "mystery" diseases and symtpoms that do not "show up" in normal tests. It is really terrifying.
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    Some interesting articles about the subject is found here:

    A little older site, but quite interesting.

  7. barbinindiana

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    The truth about how the whole world population is being poisoned is a real horror story, and the truth IS made public. You can find it in the news, if you can read between the lines, and the elite have written about it in books and other publications that the general population would find to boring to bother to read.

    I noticed last fall that they said on tv news that mercury in the flu shots is actually good for you. LOL. I'm sure most people either didn't catch this or they believed it.

    All this is being done on purpose. The powers that be what to get rid of most of us. They're not going to come to our houses and shoot us; that would be to obvious; but by poisoning us slowly we'll blame ourselves for our unhealthy lifestyle.

    Of course most of us do have unhealthy lifestyles, and that was encouraged too.

    Now they are getting ready to spray our meat products with a live virus that is supposed to kill the bacteria on it. I don't know about you but I think this dangerous, I don't trust the government or the big corporations to have OUR best interest at heart.

    How can you trust them when they passed a law that allows them to label a food product as organic if it only has 25% organic product in it. What a joke.

    How many people actually die of old age. Not many. We almost all die of diseases, and now we're told that 1 out of 2 people will get cancer. Wonder why that is?


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  8. Mikie

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    There was an article about Gulf War Vets who seem to be suffering from depleted uranium poisoning. Of course the VA is saying there is no such thing, but guys exposed to a lot of exploded mutions are sick with GWI, CFIDS, and cancers. Depleted uranium is used to fortify tanks and is used in the shell casings of some mutinions. It is very sturdy stuff. Problem is that if one inhales the dust or has shrapnel of it, it can really cause problems. The more exposure, the worse the problems.

    I read before than an expert had warned the Pentagon that this would happen but no one listened to him. Now, just like with other wars, the govt. is stonewalling. If they ever admit the explosions pose such a health threat, we will spend even more billions cleaning up our mess in Iraq to try to keep the Iraqis from getting sick.

    This article also mentioned the multitude of vaccinations the soldiers have to get. Even if the vaccinations don't cause all the problems, they probably make soldiers more vulnerable to other health risks.

    We are poisoning our world and at some point, it will no longer sustain life. How sad.

    Love, Mikie
  9. AbbeyMae

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    Would love to read other's knowledge, beliefs, and/or experiences.

    Love and Hugs,

  10. Shannonsparkles

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    Thank you, barbinindiana, for the cancer statistic. I had not realised that the cancer rate is now so high.

    I was watching a documentary on cattle farming recently.

    The hormones that are used in increasing growth in US and Canadian cattle are BANNED in Europe because they are carcinogenic. The industry says the hormones remain in the meat in safe ammounts. But a scientist then said, 'With carcinogens, there IS no safe ammount. All it takes is one molecule binding to one cell to cause cancer.'

    Since new diseases have appeared in cattle, the brain and spinal chord and some other tissues in cattle are now treated as toxic waste, and are removed and not fed to humans. Yet, there is no way to effectively prevent matter from these tissues from getting onto meat that humans will eat.

    After the mad cow disease began and scientists learned that it was the result of canabalism, there was a new law against feeding cows to other cows. But they are still allowed to feed them "high protien feed" made from any other animal, including roadkill and pets. Farmers are also allowed to use blood as a milk replacement for calfs.

    Remember e. coli? It's appeared in the last 20 years as a threat due to reduced standard in cleanliness. They are not as careful about removing feces from the carcasses as they were in the past. SO, they are using irradiation of meat to kill e.coli, rather than being cleaner. The effect irradiation has on food, let alone on humans, has not been adequately studied. We are now, in effect, the test population.

    I don't know if anyone's exposing anyone to anything on purpose, but I sure don't feel well taken care of.
  11. tandy

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    and I've researched into all that germ warfare and such
    along time ago.
    We live in a 'sick' world,run by 'SICK' people!!

    Do you think any of Bushes relatives are over in Iraq
    giving their lives and fighting for our country?
    We Americans have no rights being over there in my opinion.

    Theres so much info on this topic on the internet~
    All it does it makes me angry to read it all.

    I can't wait for Micheal Moores new documentary this fall called sicko . I think he speeks for us all,
    no BS.
  12. Mikie

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    Know that I believe what I actually have is Gulf War Illness, even though I never served. I lived next to a military facility where soldiers from the first Gulf War were being vaccinated prior to deployment. I suspect that they were either being experimented on or, more likely, one of the vaccines was contaminated with mycoplasmas which were biologically weaponized. A soldier with an active infection probably infected me in the holiday shopping crowds.

    I was very, very sick and even when the ABX appeared to have cleared it up, it left me crippled for months. I have never been the same since. We now know that one must be on ABX for at least six month. It took 2 1/2 years on Doxycycline to get my infection under control. It still tries to reactivate when I get run down. I have to keep the Doxy on hand to nip it in the bud.

    I've read too much from credible sources to not believe this happened. Our govt. has been experimenting on military personnel, people in nursing homes, prisoners, and civilians for decades. I don't think those who engaged in these things had any idea of the Pandora's Box they opened and cannot shut.

    Love, Mikie