is changing jobs a good idea?

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    i'm thinking about changing jobs. i currently work as an r.n. through a nursing agency. this means i go to a few different hospitals when they need extra staff and i work on their floors doing normal nurse type things. the problem is that there is a lot of walking and lifting involved and it's getting really hard to do physically. also i tend to work in oncology so it's kind of getting depressing. after 12 years i would really like to find a job where i could go a few eeks without having patients die.

    an opportunity has come up where i could work phone triage for insurance companies here in the area! this would mean i would be at a desk answering phone calls from patients and giving them basic medical advise and giving them my opinion if they need to see their dr. or go to an e.r. also i would answer basic insuyrance questiond and help them with the insurance companies web site. this would eliminate the physical challenge of my job and i also wouldn't be dealing with patients dying on a regular basis.

    the only problem is that their is no direct patient contact and i think i would miss that. but i'm not sure how long i can physically keep up with what i'm doing now thanks to this dd. i would still be able to work only 4 evenings a week, so not quite full time, and i could schedule the shifts so that they aren't all in a row. also by staying on evenings the insomnia isn't as big of a problem.

    i'm just looking for some opinions if any of you think this sounds like something worth trying, or if this sounds like a really bad idea. i'm interested to hear what you all think.

    thanks for listening.
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    It sounds like a brilliant idea, to me. You'd still be able to use your medical expertise to help people and at the same time you'd be eliminating the physical (and probably some emotional/mental) stress. It's a much better option than burning out at your present job, facing disability etc.

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa