Is Chronic Pain Necessary?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Dara, Jul 20, 2003.

  1. Dara

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    This is the title of an article that was in our Sunday paper, in the Parade Magazine, 7/20/03. The author is Arthur Rosenfeld. I have no idea if every major paper has a Parade Magazine insert or not, but if so you might want to read it. It's a very good article and he's definitely an advocate of treating patients properly with pain medications when they are suffering from chronic pain. If you can't locate the article, let me know and I will post it on the board.

  2. Eastfork

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    It is not in my Sunday paper and I would love to read it!!
    Thanks, Mary
  3. mamafurr

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    thanking you soooo much. got the paper, now will go read it

  4. Dara

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    it is a long one so I'm going to have to do it later today. At the end of the article it says " Arthur Rosenfeld's new book, "The Truth About Chronic Pain" (Basic Books), explores the challenges of facing, understanding and overcoming persistent pain.

    I did a search under Arthur Rosenfeld and got his website. Then I did a search of his book that they mentioned. There is an excerpt from the book and I did save that. So, now what I'm going to "TRY" and do is see if I can cut and paste that article and put it on here. I don't know if it'll work or not, I'm not too computer literate. In any case, I will type out the article in the Parade for you later today. Also, you might try doing a search for Parade Magazine. I did one, and it showed almost every article in today's magazine except this one.

    Well, I guess we can forget that idea, it didn't work. I'll get to it later and post both of these.


  5. JaciBart

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    I am pretty sure I saw that book on his desk, maybe he can tell about it????

  6. Mikie

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    Is getting more attention and it's about time. Patients have a right to expect relief from their pain. My doc believes that constant pain messages in the brain can cause a form of depression just from the pain messages which never let up. It changes the chemical makeup of the brain. I tend to agree with him. Many docs are anxious to write prescriptions for antidepressants but will not address the underlying problem.

    Love, Mikie
  7. horsegal

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    I haven't read the article......but I can't say enough about my mental and physical health since I have had some constant relief from pain. I feel almost like my old self. I don't have complete relief from pain, but enough that I can function and exercise.....and ride my horse. All of those add to a better mental outlook.

  8. paula45

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    this morning and it was VERY good. I was surprised and impressed. I hope zillions of people read it (especially those family and friends of us) and maybe understand a little more.
  9. Dara

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    as one of my impairments by the ALJ on my SSD determination letter. So, at least he believes what chronic pain can do to a person.

    I will type out that article later today. I was awake all night, and now that it's 8:18am I feel like I could go to sleep.

  10. Dara

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    article out of the Parade magazine. Hope all of you will find it interesting.

  11. janet38

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    i will be glad to read up on it too.....hugs janet
  12. DragensMom

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    My Mother called me Sunday AM to tell me about the article. I went an hour later to the bookstore to get his book. "The Truth About Chronic Pain" I spent the entire day reading it and I found it to be very good reading. He addreses all different points of view and it is written in an interview format. He asked alot of the questions that we say silently to ourselves daily. He definitely seemed to be an advocate for chronic pain sufferers. There were some interviews, of course, with some that disagree with fibro, and that it is all in our heads. I wish they could figure it all out. Someday...if we all start screaming loud enough our voices will be heard. the profound impact this "thing" (FM) has had on my life makes me want to scream. Real Loud!!!
  13. stickley4u

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    Sounds like an article I would like to read. How do I get to it? Thanks,Dara for posting it. stickley4u
  14. Dara

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    I'll look for it and bump it up for you.

  15. gracie97

    gracie97 New Member my state, Oregon, requiring doctors to treat pain.

    But I'm walking (at least some days) proof it is widely ignored.

    I believe my FMS was kicked off by years of undertreated chronic daily migraine pain.