Is EVERYthing just fibro??

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    Hello, I am just wondering if anyone has had any kind of symptoms or illness or trauma that you just assumed was part of fibro and turned out it wasn't? Also, how did you get the doctors to do tests and find out if it was just fibro? Seems like every time something is wrong with me (well, just about) the doctor just assumes it is part of my fibro since I've been diagnosed with that. For example, a friend of mine who had fibro hurt her back really bad and for about a month, the doctor just dismissed it as part of the fibro, but she eventually had an MRI done and turned out she had a herniated disc, which led to back surgery, which led to another back surgery (6 in all so far) etc. Just wondering if I should ever be concerned that maybe something isn't just the fibro, or is that very rare?
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    I kept mentioning to my primary doc and my rheumy about the tremendous pain in my neck, shoulders, and in my back between the shoulder blades for the last six months.

    This pain was worse than the pain I normally have in these areas. (These areas have been giving me a lot of pain for the last ten years.) The pain was getting to the place that it is nearly intolerable.

    Every time I mentioned it to these 2 docs, they contributed it to my fibro. Finally, I told my primary doc that I just couldn't stand the pain any longer (nobody would give me any pain meds to help, either!). Since he was a D.O. type doctor, I asked him if he could do any type of manipulation of my neck to help relieve the pain. So, FINALLY, he examined my neck by turning it to each side, etc., and discovered that I did not have the same range-of-motion on each side. He said it was worth getting a CT scan.

    The results of the CT scan indicated that I had SEVERE spinal stenosis, bone spurrs, buldging disks, pinched nerves, and moderate to severe disk degeneration of every level of the neck and back. Wow! He said I was in bad shape and "no wonder I was in a lot of pain!" (Still he gave me no pain meds.) He has gotten me an appointment to see a Neurosurgeon in the university hospital of a large city which is about a 3-hr. drive for me. My appointment is in May.

    I don't want surgery now. My middle daughter is a doctor and she has consulted with many of her associates and they advise me not to have surgery until I can not walk and would be satisfied to be wheelchair bound for life -- because the surgery that I need is that risky. Sooooooo, I found a local Pain Mgt. doctor and went to her, and she gave me Darvocet (which does not even touch the pain) and has sent me to physical therapy to learn to do home exercises to stabilize and strengthen my neck and back.

    So, you see, the doctors SHOULD NOT contribute EVERY problem that we have to our fibro. (In my case, they say it's either the fibro or my Lupus.)
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    I'm lucky,my Dr. believes and treats fibro.but doesn't think every thing I have is fibro.For instance--Part of my left hand is numb,which can be caused by fibro.But she sent me to a specialist(can't remember what kind he is) to test the nerves in my hand.It isn't fibro,it's carpal tunnel and cubital tunnel(same as carpal only in the elbow).I have surgery May 9th.I guess it would depend what the problem was whether or not I'd be concerned.It's very hard to find a Dr. that takes the middle road.Maybe you'll just have to insist on additional test if you're in doubt. bejo
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    I've just had such an awful pain on my neck, kind of between my neck and shoulder for a few weeks now, and it is is way worse than the pain I usually feel from Fibro. I am just wondering if anyone thinks I should get it checked or should I just grin and bear it and assume it's part of the fibro? I cannot even turn my head to the right anymore...
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    Well, I went to a new doctor, he's an internal medicine doctor, and told him about the awful neck pain I've been having. The pain is only in one particular area and just does not feel the same as the normal pain I get from Fibro. However, he too just contributed it to the Fibro and said "he didn't want to order any big expensive tests." I don't have insurance, so it would be hard on my pocket anyway to afford tests like MRI or CAT scan, but I am really still just afraid that this pain is not just from fibro.... The main reason I'm concerned I guess is because it is a shooting/stabbing pain in exactly the same place all the time, and especially when I move my head. The fibro pain seems to vary from place to place. Should I still be concerned or should I just trust the dr. that it's "just fibro pain"? I've also never been tested for anything like Lupus or anything else. He wouldn't give me any meds for pain either (last dr wouldn't either), only elavil for sleeping, and this neck pain is just really becomming more and more unbearable. Any suggestions???
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    KILLED me for so long and I and my doc assumed it was the FMS. WELL, it wasn't, really. I insisted on an MRI which showed severe spinal stenosis, herniated discs and joint arthropathy. The Neurologist said the buttock pain was from Fibro, in a way, in that, because of pain, I favored that side and leg thereby shortening the Piriformis muscle and causing sciatica....well, the PT showed me how to get rid of that pain....I can nip it in the bud, as Barney used to say, and that makes me SO happy!!!!! PLUS, I learned that my entire pelvic area muscles are shortened due to my avoiding painful stimuli over the years....because of the FMS. I also learned that the adhesions in the back of my thighs is associated with this, as well, and is caused by Myofascial Pain. BUT, the big problem of back pain, spasms and limitation is due to spinal stenosis, not Fibro. The Neurologist even thinks I was born with some of this stenosis! How would he know that? Anyway, what REALLY hurts me is that tiniest little bend forward; like when I wash dishes in my too-short-for-me-sink/counter or when I try to bend to administer a bedridden patient his meds and I cannot begin to tell you how bad it hurts to bend to bathe a patient, cath a patient or to start an IV!!!! That'll never go away. The best I can do is strengthen the muscles and take meds as needed. My rheumatologist told me that it was always going to be hard to decide the origin of pain, in my case, with my diagnosis. Pain is pain and I treat it effectively with a small amount of Oxy twice a day, Ultram and Soma. I WAS taking Mobic, but I'm on Prednisone now and that's not necessary.
    I think we have to listen to our body! I KNEW this pain wasn't FMS pain and I'm glad I insisted on the MRI.
    Love and empathy,
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    Thanks y'all...I still don't know whether to try to pursue this neck pain (i do have another appointment in a little over a month) or just assume it is's just so different and so much more intense than the rest of my fibro pain, and the Dr. just doesn't want to order me an MRI or anything. Although, I would really hate to pay for an MRI (i don't have insurance) and then find out it wasn't anything they can do anything about. However, if it IS something besides the fibro, I'd really like to know so that they can do something about it.....