Is excessive sweating from the head neck related to fibro ?

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  1. jasminetee

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    I've always been a sweathead since I was a kid.I'm really thinking I've had CFS my whole life. My head sweating has gotten much worse over the years along with all of my other sx. Occasionally in my life I would see someone else who would get a sweaty head with exertion like at a dance, or something.

    It is awful, I can no longer wear make-up at all. Sometimes my pillows smell bad too. I hate being ill.

  2. Fudge43

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    Yes ... even though I am a Canuck and supposedly live in the "far" north .. which is laughable right now in Ontario .. we broke records for HEAT during our Thanksgiving weekend .. can anyone say "Global Warming"
    BUT .. all joking aside .. well almost .. I am a fellow sweat-head too .. things that might be wrong
    # Hypothyroid
    # Low cortisol levels in the morning .. I think some one mentioned taking a specific steroid for that .. I am on the fence about taking that .. already 30 pounds too heavy .. scared of what happens with steroid use .. weight gain seems to be a problem with that .
    # Now 51 years old .. hum .. menopause .. didn't a gentleman reply here and say it was NOT an issue for him ? and I agree ! wink wink ... haha
    # Mixture of meds ... pain killers etc .. sweat cocktail ?
    # Stress .. even low level stress hits us like a storm .. adrenal fatigue can't handle what would be considered normal every day stress .. result ? .. the body has to do something .. thus the sweat reaction.

    There are so many possibilities it is endless .. I get so frustrated too .. just seem to get my make-up and hair done in between putting head in a huge fan .. yes .. the wind blown look is IN for me .. but another session of sweat makes me look like I walked out of the shower AGAIN!

    YES ! .. to the person who mentioned the ice gel pack .. I don't know what I would do without them .. I use them if I'm having a hard day .. and EVERY night for my neck and my eyes ..
    Funny enough .. I said right from the beginning that my head always felt TOO hot .. all the specialists just nodded and went on to another subject .. great help they were ..
    My eyes steam up my glasses (for reading) that is how hot my head is inside .. the heat escapes through my eyes .. that also seemed to be amusing to the ophthalmologist ? wonderful.
    In any case .. we can take solace that we are NOT alone ?
    Thanks for all the info here .. it helps !
    Joy : )
  3. Zzzsharn

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    I'm a sweater too...

    I call them my "personal summers"

  4. iggyangel

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    it happens in seconds,
    i am drenched in sweat, always starts at the head like you said and goes down to neck,
    its embarassing,
    i wish we could do something about it!!!!
    started ever since i got FM
  5. desertlass

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    I sweat year round, and am not in perimenopause, and am only a little overweight.

    Two things about my sweating:

    It does not seem like NORMAL perspiration. It doesn't smell like a bodily organic odor-- very oily, almost like linseed oil.

    Also, I don't really sweat anywhere else, not even under my arms or feet.

    It seems like it has to be related to the adrenal/hormonal system and perhaps the lymphatic system that is not circulating and draining properly.

    I wake up in the morning with a swollen face, neck, arms and hands and with this weird sweat. Most people have swelling problems in their lower body at the END of the day.

    I also find it sometimes difficult to get my urine started first thing when I wake up, when I am sweating or swollen like this. You'd think I was an older man with prostrate trouble.

    This is just too weird.

    Anyone else relate?
  6. Michelle01

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    I am the same.I live in a cool area of Australia and have the same unexplainable sweats.
    They come on for no reason and I am drenched from the head and neck.
    I am so glad to have read this thread because i cant tolerate hot weather either.
    We have air con in all rooms,in the cars and I cant bear it if I feel hot.I get so irritable and cannot cope at all.
    Anything over 25 degrees celsius is unbearable.I stay indoors as well.
    I have the house so cold that the family rug up!!
    I have noted that the sweating is worse when I am in a social situation.It pours down my neck even when I am having a great time and not feeling nervous or anxious.I am even mopping up with a tissue as I talk to people.!!

    Oh dear the things we have to cope with and we are coming into summer here.

    Also is anyone extremely sensitive to temperature change?
    Even if its a small drop or raise in temp?
    I can feel it immediately.
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  7. floridagrl

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    My cymbalta make me sweat
  8. Suzan

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    For myself, it is either the FM..which I think it is..or a reaction to narcotics. Either way..I sweat like crazy from just the smallest doing dishes!

    Luckily I stay at home, so most of the time it is pretty easy to deal with. But, it does happen when I am shopping..or whatever..and I have learned to stick a rag in my purse so I can clean up when it happens! I keep a towel in my car too!

    If I can calms down and I feel dry again!
  9. fivesue

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    I was basically off most AD's for a year or so, and my sweating was far less...

    But, my depression was horrible.

    So, now back on Effexor, I am again sweating like mad about the face and head. Both FM and a side effect of certain meds can cause this flushing.

    I'm sorry you are enduring this...I am having a hard time with it, but there really isn't an option.

    Rosemarie...I don't wear makeup anymore...just drips off...!

  10. Dawn Hensley

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    I too have this issue even to walk across the room or do dishes I will start sweating from the hairline, eyebrows neck and face. I am 47 but had hysterectomy when i was 28. I was told to try magnesium and for instant relief try apple cider vinegar. I was also told that a doctor can give you something to stop the sweating. Have not checked these things out yet just found out about them. I too am overweight but this is something that started about three or so yrs before being diagnosed with fm.