is fluconazole an antibiotic

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    Fluconazole is an antifungal, but is it also an antibiotic.
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    My fatigue doc said to keep using any herbal anti-yeast and rotate remedies since candida will adapt. Low sugar diet is essential to recovery. Have you tried Truvia? Refined stevia. No aftertaste. I got free samples from their website.

    Probiotics is also important. Someone else mentioned Kefir, homemade. I'm looking at buying a kit. It's like yogurt, but a little stronger, but it has 10-12 probiotic strains rather than yogurt's single. Store bought kefir was good and I felt better.

    I'm on doxycycline for LYme and it kills off my probiotics, have to replenish everyday. 2 hours apart.