is fm constant pain forever?

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  1. jenniferand2

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    is fm constant pain forever or a series of attacks here and there? most of the pain i feel is in my low back and in the chest area. DR dexed me with fm but i dont seem to think it fits. any suggestions? what type of specialist should i see for fm dxed the proper way?
  2. Janalynn

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    Hello there!
    FM pain can be different for different people - especially in the beginning. Do you have contant pain or no? The past two years, I've hurt everyday, but for many years I had some good days/months.
    What other symptoms do you have? What did you present with that made your doctor diagnose you with FM? Why do you doubt it - (very common by the way for some people)

    You may want to see a rheumatologist. That's who confirmed my diagnosis after my PCP suspected.
  3. jenniferand2

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    i have pain real bad pain in the low back, shoulders, chest, headaches daily, Ibs, some pain in my buttox, andfeet, and hands. but i dont have flu like symptoms i have straight down right nasty hell pain. all my doc told me to do was take ibuprophin and tylonal altrenating the two.And to excersise but how can i excersise when i am in pain? does that make sense to you? i have but the pain is still to intense for such a wee little pill like that. i dont see him again until the 5th i asked him about lyrica. anyone try it? this is constant pain it has been over 1 year now. i will see on the 5th if he will pass me along to a reumatologist or what ever it was you said ty for your advise. do you have to have flu like symptoms to have fm. i at this time dont have an dull flu like symtoms they are all massive pain symptoms and i am thinking of going to er in the am if it doent feel better. i cant wait 8 more days for pain meds. This Message was Edited on 07/27/2008]
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    Check out Myofacial Pain Syndrome. It sounds like a better fit, but I'm no dr.

    But when I first was diagnosed, I didn't really notice the flu like symptoms, it was more wide-spread pain. Then later came the flu symptoms, the fatigue and the brain fog. My symptoms have progressed over the years.

    Hope this helps.

  5. dragon06

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    No you do not need flu-like symptoms for FM.

    In my experience the pain does not go away...I have had this since I was about 3 and I am 33 now. My mom also has FM and has not had her pain go away either. I mean we do have good days and sometimes even good weeks but the pain never actually completely goes away.

    I have been on Lyrica for over 2 years and it has helped me with nerve pain, my IBS and some stomach issues.

    I also take Oxycontin, Vicodin, Skelaxin, and Diazepam for my FM.

    I do also take other meds but they are for other issues.

    I have a GP and a Rheumy but my GP handles most of my issues and prescriptions and the rheumy is mostly there for a consult.

  6. Janalynn

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    You don't have to have "flu-like" symptoms. Sometimes I do - meaning my whole body aches, body is heavy, just hurting, I'm too tired to do anything, no energy just like when you have the flu. I too have some downrigh awful pain. I take pain meds.
    Tylenol or ibuprofen(I'm allergic anyway) wouldn't TOUCH my pain.
    As mentioned in other posts, pain can come in many forms and intensities.
  7. homesheba

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    i hurt all over like i have been beaten on the inside of my body.
    how can a person explan that to someone without them looking at you like you are crazy?
    esp a dr?
    i am on now the fentanal patch- 50 mgs
    but it needs to be higher
    but i would sleep even more i think.
    everything is a catch 22..
    i am so tired
    and i just got up from bed.
    it is like we all have been poisoned somehow.
  8. katiebug61

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    FM for me is small flares with pain and then several days where I feel pretty good for me. I don't ever feel like I did 6-7 yrs ago, but good for me. Sometimes the flares are worse than others. I think the description of feeling like you have been beaten inside is pretty close. I just feel like someone beat me all over and muscles near the joints will really hurt. It gradually goes away and you feel like you have recovered from trying a new sport or painted a room in one day. Sometimes during the flares the pain will also come in waves. My PCP suspected FM, but said she didn't want to label me with it, without a better check up. She sent me to Rheumy and he elimanted all the other possiblities and as usual, FM by process of elimination.
    Be persistant about pain meds. We have to have some relief and something to at least take the edge off!
    Hang in there Jand2!
  9. frosty77

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    I've had this probably all my life and I'm 47 now - and no, the pain never goes away. I'm not on any pain meds as my primary does not believe in them and I can't take any aspirin or ibuprofen (gastro issues), so pain is constant, 24/7/365. You do learn to live with it though.
  10. marti_zavala

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    I don't believe that it is in our best interest to "live with the pain".

    There have been studies that show the pain threshold is lowered the longer we let pain go unabated.

    This means you may need higher doses of stronger medication in the future.

    It seems to be a spiral. You can spiral up and you can spiral down. If you cannot get pain medication, find another doctor (not easy, I know) but important.

    I am managing my pain with a combination of supplements, medications and injections.

    This means I don't take really heavy stuff yet so I have something for the future.

    If you can't get help from your doctor, move on. This is what I take 50mg tramadol (an atypical opiod) twice a day with 1/2 muscle relaxer. At night, I take 1200mg Malic acid and 600mg magnesium. Every few years, I have injections into the foramen (pockets of nerve roots), essentially a root block.