Is FM or arthritis affecting your muscles to this point?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by msbsgblue, May 31, 2008.

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    I have had this illness for 20+ years and I began having a lot or problems with this last year.

    It happens mostly at night and in bed. I begin to roll over and my ankles lock up literally. My feet or foot will be pulled inward (as if I was pigioned toed) and no matter what I do (trying to stand up doesn't help) I have to wait it out. It is very very painful.

    Also at times my ligament in the front of right leg will do this too. It actaully stands out like a rope and sometimes it pulls my toes upward. OMG does that hurt.

    Recently it is moving to the hips as well and my calves of my legs. My calves will knot to the point that you can see the knots they are knotted so badly. They are large knots.

    I am wondering if I lacking something or if this is just one more progression of this dd?

    If it involves magnesium, my stomach won't tolerate it.

    Thanks to anyone who replys.
  2. marti_zavala

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    Magnesium is one of the four main minerals our bodies function. I suggest that you find a way to get this.

    It is the one thing that has helped me the most.

    There are various types of magnesium. Could you experiement to see which one helps you the most?

    There is mag. oxide, mag. citrate, mag. stearate, there's a couple more. Mag. oxide is the one to take if you have constipation, magnesium citrate is a good one.

    There are also magnesium injections, and soaking in Epsom salts which is magnesium sulfate.

    You could also make a cream with diluted Epsom salts, you could put this in oil or lotion and rub it into your skin.

    There are creative way to get magnesium and I strongly suggest it as Magnesium is so important for biochemical reactions in our bodies.


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