Is FM real?

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  1. Lynneaquar

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    Hi All,
    This is my first time writting and I "KNOW" FM is REAL.
    I have had it for the last 16 yrs.
    I have been to hell and back many a time!

    I am in the process of getting Divorced because my husband is not happy and he doesn't believe FM is real!!
    He said he has read up on it and some Dr's don't believe in it and some do, so he doesn't know who to believe.
    I told him he should believe me!

    Happiness comes from with in a person and he won't find it until he finds it with in himself.
    Mean while I am happy with my self and all that I do in my life. I have been feeling lousy and hurt like hell and I know it's the stress I am under. Once he leaves then I can start feeling better!
    Any ideas on how I can cope with him and my FM at this rough time?
  2. angeljoe

    angeljoe New Member

    I have only had Fibro & cfs for the past three years, but I'm sure that it is real.

    The doctors can't give me any other reason why I'm in so much pain most of the time.

    I had NEVER heard of Fibromyalgia before going to my doctor for months in pain.

    Hope this helps,
  3. jinlee

    jinlee Member

    Sorry to hear of your rough patch you are going through. It is tough when your significant other does not fully believe your pain and severe exhaustion are real. That is when you wish you could give them a few days of it to experience it for themselves.

    Is there any way he can make different living arrangements so he is not bugging you and then you could have less stress and could at least have some personal space.

    I know my significant other believes everyone else has the problems and if he just leaves, it will all go away. Problem is everytime he leaves, his problems go with him, so he comes back home.

    Mine also doesn't always believe this DD is real. He can't understand why someone can't sleep and then is so tired they fall asleep in the daytime and why a person can hurt so much all the time. I think sometimes he just thinks I am lazy, which I am not, just very sick.

    So I understand what you are up against. I don't have much advice to give other than take time to rest and take care of yourself. Know I will be thinking of you and will say a prayer for you. Just keep it one day at a time and know it will end, can't go on forever.

    Take care, Jinlee
  4. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Pretty darn real to the hundreds of us here.....

    Sorry your dh is being such a jerk, god bless and keep feeling good about yourself.

    Love Anne Cromwell
  5. Spinworks

    Spinworks New Member

    Hi everyone. I'm new to this board - just recently joined several. FM and CFS are real - symptoms are REAL, but exactly what are they? I've been DX by a Rheumy doc with FMS and Sjogren Syndrome (autoimmune disorder) and then in May 2005, I was DX'd with Lyme Bb. My Western Blot test was supposedly negative - not enough bands or something, but my doctor referred me to a Lyme Literate MD (LLMD). I went - but this doc is 8 hours away from me - one way. He DX'd me with Lyme due to my symptoms. However, my symptoms are the same as FMS and CFS and Mercury Toxicity Illness. Since all of these disorders have very similar symptoms - just what the heck do I really have. Which may have come first (chicken or the egg). In SEP-02, I decided to have all of my teeth removed that had any mercury fillings or root canals. This left me with just 6 teeth - all lower front. Therefore i have a complete upper denture and a bottom partial denture. I've never regretted having my teeth yanked out - actually feel great liberation getting the heavy metal and bacterial mess out of my mouth. I can't even wear jewelry or metal framed glasses. If I'm allergic to metal - I certainly wanted it removed from my mouth. However, since my tissues, organs, and brain are probably full of mercury (the blood has to stuff it somewhere) - I haven't had any symptoms abate except my horrible and often Vertigo disappear. This symptom had almost made me suicidal. No fun waking up screaming and grabbing the head board because one is spinning so fast just from turning over in one's sleep. I found too much scary and confusing info on the net about chelating mercury from my organs and brain. It is very difficult to get it out of the brain safely, and only a few things can even do this. Finally I discovered a book by Andy Cutler that seemed feasible in 2005 - but due to personal reasons, I haven't been able to begin the protocol, plus being a real coward, I would really like to have an MD in my corner during this process. I see my doc on 8/23 and I'm going to beg her to read the book. If she will agree to do so, I hope she will help me with the process, especially since DMPS can only be obtained with a script. One can use DMSA purchased OTC - but many have problems with it. I can't even take Magnesium without getting very sick - feel toxic and poisoned when I take. I noticed in Rich's recent post that he is detoxing heavy metals. Sure hope he doesn't still have mercury amalgams while doing this. Plus certain supplements and products such as cilantro, Chlorella, etc will only move the mercury around - mobilize it and can then redistribute in the body, in an even worse area causing new adverse symptoms. Weak chelators only move mercury around and get very little of it out thru the bile or urine. Even good chelators with 2 thiol groups must be taken properly or they can cause the same thing - just move it to even a worse location in the body. Well, just venting and pondering and pondering things over in my mind.

    Any recommendations on HOW and WHAT type of magnesium I might be able to tolerate would be very appreciated.

    Thanks, Doris
  6. jacqualyn

    jacqualyn New Member


    I have also have had FM for 16 years. I got divorced from my husband a few years ago because he could not deal with the changes in me. Well, i'm sorry that I got ill!! There are so many people that do not understand this illness. I have lost so called friends, boyfriends and a husband due to this illness. I say, the heck with them. You know how you are feeling and how this illness affects your everyday living. No one can tell you how to feel. Once he leaves, the stress of his problem will go away,Thank God. He should have believed you. Why would anyone want to feel like this??? His loss. Moving on, is difficult and I know this first hand, but it will get better. The fact that you are writing to those of us that share a common bond will help. So sweetie, maybe there is a FM support group in your town. I'm sure you will meet people with similar circumstances. Like me. Don't let it get you down. There are people out there who do understand.

    Bless You,

  7. Spinworks

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  8. lightnerbride

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    I of course believe 100% in FM and CFS and wish my husband would believe it too. He doesn't understand how I can sleep all the time or how I can be in the pain that I describe. When we were first dating I was doing pretty good but tried to inform him I could keep getting better or start getting worse at anytime. Well I ended up getting worse, somewhere on the internet he read some negative articles about the two diseases. His family doesn't believe in FM or CFS either and he was a momma's boy until we met 3 1/2 years ago so listens alot to his mom's views. We were just married in October and it scares me sometimes thinking he may never understand and if our marriage can survive that with all the other baggage marriage alone brings and having the FM/CFS baggage on top of it.
  9. sues1

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    PLEASE NOTE: We can get better and do better. We share on this board and we can learn so much. It is rough. We are tough ladies and gents for sure.

    I seperated (Broke up) the paragraphs and hopefully it is easier to read. Blessings and "chin up"...........Susan

    The Thief of Many Lives

    © Kathleen Houghton --- Alaska CFS-MCS Association 1996
    *Revised 2002.

    I am constantly on the prowl in search of new victims. I do not

    health care workers, teachers, students, airline personnel,
    teens, moms, dads, and innocent children are my prey. If you are dynamic
    and have a lust for life,

    I will seek you out, and I will find you.

    Just when you are at the peak of your endeavors, climbing that career

    or building your family and home, I will find you. There is nothing
    that you have in your life today that I am not capable of destroying

    tomorrow, your career, your education, your goals, your dreams, your
    family, and your life. I will have it all. I will strip you of your ability
    to function at any level above minimal,

    and from this day on you will refer
    to that minimal as a "good day."

    I have the ability to create an invalid out of you overnight, and I will.

    It will take a marathon effort for you just to get out of bed.

    At a
    cellular level your immune system will be in a constant war battling itself
    and unnamed viruses, which will painfully be replicating in your brain.
    promise you, I will bring you despair along with pain, isolation and losses
    far beyond what you can ever imagine.

    Your mind will be in a constant "fogged" state, your expression will be
    unable to express, and your eyes will have a noticeable "glazed
    over/drugged out" look. You will find it most difficult to pay attention,

    concentrate, or even process the simplest of thoughts. Making change from a
    dollar may well be beyond your ability now.

    Your mouth may feel like it is
    full of marbles when you try to speak, as your tongue twists and nothing
    you try to say comes out right. Who would believe your level of education

    when you can't even string enough words together to make a complete
    sentence ... or one that makes any sense for that matter.

    I promise, I will bring you at any unsuspecting time, severe abdominal
    pain, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea along with a host of gastro-intestinal

    I will make you weak and lifeless as one could be without being
    confirmed dead.

    You will be housebound or in bed for several years if not
    the rest of your life. As part of incapacitating you, I will make your
    heart race and your head pound; your throat will constantly be sore and

    your lymph glands will swell. That will all seem trivial after I inflame
    and spasm muscles throughout your body. Crushing a grape between your
    fingers may take too much energy or be too painful now.

    On those nights that I allow you to sleep, you will awaken drenched with
    sweat or throbbing with pain. Perhaps I might even throw in a little
    seizure activity.

    On those nights that I do not allow sleep to occur; I
    will torture you with thoughts of death.... Not suicide, but death. Simply
    because you have not come to realize that this is your new life, and that
    you are not living.

    You will need to re-create your being every day, as
    every day I will bring you unpredicted symptoms and suffering.

    I have also done a few things that you may not be aware of yet. I placed
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    balance and memory yet?

    ) and I have permanently altered your immune system.
    I have shorted out your nervous system so that you have intermittent
    numbness and tingling, which might resemble an electrical current zapping

    you from time to time. This is called neuropathy. Nope, it's not curable

    Now I have you. I have taken over your body and mind. I have stolen your
    life but left you alive, not very functional, but by clinical definition

    you are still alive.

    Your family will not be able to give you all the constant care that you
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    Rest assured, I am looking for them too. By now,
    chances are good that most of your family and friends have abandoned you,
    so you must have learned the definition of isolation. This newfound

    isolation will save you from having to explain how sick you really are to
    others, they won't understand anyway. Isolation will save you all that

    Your health insurance has already been or will shortly be discontinued as
    you lost your job from not being able to "keep up."

    Perhaps you got caught dozing off or called in sick one too many times. Now
    that you are no longer employable or insurable, when you seek medical care,

    any medical professional that figures me out will diagnose you and say that
    what you have is presently not curable.

    Now it is time for you to seek out medical care, nation if not worldwide.

    However, most so called medical professionals will not even have the
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    So, chances are good that you will be misdiagnosed. You
    will give more blood samples and have more examinations than you ever
    imagined existed.

    Then you can take the results to dozens of doctors in
    search of a diagnosis. One that is valid as well as socially and medically

    One that does not label you as depressed or say that "it is all
    in your head!!!" Most doctors will suggest a vacation, weight loss diet,

    new or increased love life, help with the children, or change of scenery as
    the "cure," mainly because you may look like the picture of health.

    This is
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    You will pray for a positive word from current research. Research, which
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    among a few. However the most important words that you will need to know
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    At one point I may give you a false sense of recovery or remission. Let me

    assure you, I will be back, as you are my prisoner and that makes me your

    I have placed the lives of millions of people nationwide in limbo,

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    wouldn't you?

    Eventually I will bring the government, health care workers, and society to
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    I leave it up to you, my victims, and your caretakers, to educate
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    Unfortunately, I have been given a totally ridiculous name, which
    will make your job even more difficult. Until that name is changed, I am.


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