Is God really existant? Why He allows suffering?

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    I've been a very good person my whole life. I was brought up as a Christian and I always put God first. I was struck with fibro at age 28. I'm 35. This fibromyalgia is going down to bone pain. I've been crying a lot lately. (My drs know). My sister has to stay with me because I feel scared alone. I feel scared that God isn't real and doesnt hear my prayers, so why bother? I'm resorting to opoids tonight. It makes me wonder if God really exists.

    I hear suffering is a mystery. But why you and me? If we have prayed every day of our lives and have been good to other people and have put GOd first, why?

    Please don't tell me this won't go away. I feel hopeless/helpless. My pastor says it's good I'm going to see a naturopathic dr (ND).


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    and now that the pain is going away, I definately feel less hopeless/helpless. It's so strange that when I first God sick with fm, I was in a state of shock. I thought I would come out of it with just exercise in a matter of a year or so.

    Now, 7 years later, I am in a state of reality, not shock. Little innocent children at St. Jude's ages 1-5 we get pictures of every month. They suffer in physical pain so bad. These precious babies didn't do anything bad at all to come down with cancer. So we know that suffering is a mystery. Job suffered awful. But in the end, he got twice back, as well as his health...but it was in God's timing, not his.

    Some people on Christian phone lines who don't even know me have condemned and judged me, saying I am a bad person, or that I am taking street drugs (they are prescribed by drs). Some said I should have been healed long ago.

    I do believe that if we put our faith in Jesus Christ and/or God that we will eventually be healed. For the gentleman with bipolar, Paul's thorn in the flesh was a "messenger of satan" to buffet him. The messenger could only be a deamon to torture him wherever he went. I'm sorry you are not solid about this part of theology. I have read up on this topic by great theologians with PhD.'s. I'm sorry, sir, but you are incorrect in your interpretation. I don't want to argue about this, I want to keep peace.

    When God decides to heal me, he will. Some, he takes home to be with him. But he doesn't want us to suffer.

    Thank you for reminding me that God is alive. We may not see him or see angels or have dreams from God. God is invisible to us. I've heard he speaks to us individuals in a still, quiet voice, in our hearts.

    Peace this season,

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    Hi Rebecca,
    Thank you for posting this. What you wrote sounds all too familiar to me. In fact, I have been struggling with many of the same thoughts and feelings myself for the last several months.

    I too, have really struggled to pray. Often, I find myself feeling the same way you do. What's the point? I also find myself thinking things like "God obviously doesn't care about me, so why should I care about Him?"

    I too have wondered if God really exists. The whole problem of suffering is one that has bugged me for a long time as well.

    There is a book that I really think you should read. It really helped me when I was feeling very similar to you. In fact, I think I'm going to re-read it.

    The book is called "Disappointment with God" By Phillip Yancey. The basic premise of the book is 3 questions. Is God unfair, is God silent? and Is God hidden? Yancey does not pussyfoot around these difficult issues. He answers them with brutal honesty and has great insight.

    Another really good book by also by Phillip Yancey is "Where is God When it Hurts?" Disappointment with God deals with emotional hurt, while "Where is God When It Hurts?" focuses more on the issue of physical pain and suffering. I really encourage you to read both.

    I too, have often felt trapped, helpless, and hopeless. I am truly sorry that you are in so much physical and emotional pain. You are not alone.

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    I don't receive your negative words, in Jesus' name. By the blood of Jesus I am covered over any curse that you may put over me. I am wresteling not against you, but against wicked powers and principalities. Greater is He that is in me that those words you have spoken over me.

    I am covered in the blood of Jesus.

    Again, you are not a theologian. I am not allowing you to talk to me again.
    If you do, you will be reported for causing contention.
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    wow when we are at our lowest what we all need is to be condemed by someone, sorry for that searching and questioning is normal believe me right now i don't know where god is, wish someone could tell me. love laura
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    Sickness and disease is not from anything you have done personally. Ever since the fall of man in the garden of Eden there has been sickness and disease in the world because man sinned against God. God NEVER promised he would take the illness away from us but be there for us, comfort us, guide us, learn to trust him and rely on him more, make us stronger, help us to use our experiences to help others through thse trials too. He doesn't like to see people suffer. He wants to help us through it, to mold us and make us a stronger person. There is a lot of bad stuff going on in the world because God gave man free will. Unfortunately free will is like a ripple effect and can hurt people near us. We need to follow God and his will for our lives. Too many do not follow or do not want God in their life at all. Some seek to find their way to God by following man made paths and not Gods. Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth, and the life; no man cometh to the Father but by me." John 14:6.

    Just because we can't see God or if God does not answer right away doesn't mean he is not there. REMEMBER THIS: Matthew 28:20 "I am with you always." There are other verses also that say, "I will never leave thee or forsake thee." THAT IS A PROMISE!!!! Trust him, lean on him, ask him for help. In the bible it says, "I am an ever present help in times of trouble." If you want the location in the bible I can look up the exact verse for you.

    God LOVES you; so much so he sent his one and only Son to die on a cross for our sins. John 3:16 & 17.

    I know a man who is dying of Lou Gerigs disease. He has four young children. He is not mad at God. He has been asking God to help him through this time in his life, to be with his wife and kids and take care of them. His wife is an amazing person. She has such a gentle spirit. No matter the trial in their life they are trusting God to get them day at a time.

    Jesus Christ will help you too. Ask him and trust him. He really does love you.

    I will keep you in my prayers. Take care and God Bless
    PC ((hugs))
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    After reading and replying to this thread I got off the computer and went to the kitchen to take my meds before going to bed. On the radio James McDonald was speaking on the Christian radio station I listen to. His message made me stop in my tracks. It almost felt like he had read this thread and was answering it. He dipped right into God's word in his message. The topic was "God's amazing love, 'personalized." He even talked about trials in our life, why God permits things to happen, how much God loves us, God didn't even spare His Son because he loves us so much, etc...
    If you want to hear this message or buy a copy of it on CD go to:

    Walk In The Word with James McDonald. **Link and phone number removed by Admin** Ask for the message series or just the tape played on December 21nd.(I listened to it after midnight this morning)The series is "Gods Amazing Love, Personalized."

    Mr. McDonald went right to Gods word and showed what God says. He put it elequently. It is up to you if you want to hear it.
    Take care. you are in my thoughts and prayers.
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    its Satan were fighting against hes the one whos out to steal kill and destroy.Sickness and diesease comes from him not God. It is never Gods will we suffer. He came to give us life and give it more abundtantly! we should be mad at Satan never God. We are in a spiritual battle and our adversry will use whatever means he can to bring destruction to our lives. May we all learn to stand up againt him and start fighting back with prayer even when we dont feel like it. And by his word speak it outloud all day if you need to, and learn to rebuke him in the name of Jesus. If he can cause us to believe that its Gods will we are sick than hes already won the battle.
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    Hi I agree that satan is the one.I believe its satan who inflicks pain on us.We blame God but forget satan is out to get us.
    I myself have blamed God and then think~I ask him to help them blame him for the bad things.So glad he is forgiving.
    We just get so sick of being sick and in pain we need to blame anyone we can .Why us ?? I guess we will never know
    Hope things can ease up for you my prayers are with you/
    .Good sister to stay with you it helps to have a close person to be there.

    God Bless and Good Luck