Is he serious?

Discussion in 'Caregivers' started by UgotaBjokin, May 10, 2004.

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    I am shocked to hear that upon speaking with my husband, his father has doubts of whether or not anything is wrong with me. I have CFIDS. I was diagnosed a year ago. I KNOW I have it. The comment was "you don't think that maybe this is all in Tracey's head?" My husband tried to explain what it was. I am sorry for sounding whiny, but for some reason that really really irked me. Any suggestions on how to set someone right? Or if it is even worth it??

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    I, and many others have tried to explain our illness to people, and we just found it only zaps our energy and they don't get it and never will. Save your energy. You don't need to defend yourself - you know you're sick, and that is all that matters. I hate it when someone tells me that I don't look sick. If only they could feel that the inside of me feels like a giant spider web all through my body! I've decided not to defend or explain my illness to people anymore. I just tell them they need to do their own reasearch on CFIDS. Period.
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    I suffer for many yrs with chronic fatique and pain
    my inlaws are always compalining ,
    they say you look fine nothing is wrong
    I get so tired of this at times
    I just say to myself wish you could feel what feel for 5 minutes and then let me say you like fine and see how it feels
    very annoying
    anyhow I learned to ignore it