Is heel pain really a symptom of fibro??

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    I have had excruciating heel pain the last two weeks and thought it was just me wearing flip flops too much. I have been wearing my running shoes(though I can't run do to pain) but no relief. My flare ups have become more often but this is something new.. Any advice would be appreciated.
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    There is a good Fibro board here where you can post this question to see what answers you receive.

    I do not have Fibro, but I did have foot problems many years back from wearing shoes that did not have good support. I had to see a podistrist and received orthotics to wear and some other treatment and it resolved the problem. I also was instructed to get the best cross-training sneakers and wear them with the orthotics for many months to work (in a law office) in order to get my feet back so they did not hurt. It was successful and I do not wear flip flops at all and after that became very aware of getting good shoes (not shoes that are popular) that I purchased so as to place the orthotic in the shoes and not have foot pain. Good luck.
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    The heel pain could be plantar fasciitis, but the real question is what is the underlying cause of this and your FM?

    Many people on the FM/CFS board here, including me, have found the real cause of the FM and other symptoms to be chronic borrelia burgdorferi infection (Lyme disease) and it's common coinfections like Bartonella and Babesia.

    Foot pain is often associated with Bartonella.

    FM is just a name for a set of symptoms that Dr do not know what causes it. Common sense tells us there is a cause and it is likely infectious.

    Please read this info:

    Great basic info with great symptom list:

    Comprehensive info about lyme and coinfections...symptom list p 9-11, coinfection info about Bartonella, Babesia etc p 22-27:
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    That's it!!!!!! Plantar fascitis was what I had and I couldn't remember the name. It really hurt bad and doesn't go away easily. I was working at the time, and in real pain in both feet, and it risked me not being able to do my job, so I had to see a podiatrist.

    Nanie knows a lot about Lyme and I hope you'll read the sites she has listed. It's good to get as much info as possible. Good luck.
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    it sounds like you are experiencing planters facia (sp?) very painful. ck w/ your dr. cortezone shots will help. Don't wear flip flops, stay off it a while. It takes a while heal , be patient. I hope all is well. God Bless.
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    I have had this as well. I went to a physical therapist and the bottoms of my feet were a knot. They worked on them for a few weeks and I did a few exerises at home, got a good pair of shoes which makes a difference when I wear them. I also ordered "Toga Toes" to spread my toes apart which stretches the ligaments and muscles in bottom of foot and it all works. When I feel it coming on again, I do what I was suppose to and it goes away. Good luck !!
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    I have fibro and had plantar fasciitis. Plantar fasciitis usually is worse more in the morning, as the membrane swells when you are off your feet. I've had some foot issues attributed to fibro. Here is a link where you can read more:
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    I agree, it could be plantar fasciitis - my mom used to talk all the time about hers and your symptoms sound similar, but I would see a doctor and he could help you better than any of us could. I've had FM but no heel pain to date, knock on wood. Thanks for the links, Nanie46!