Is IBS your worst symptom..??????

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by tes, Jun 5, 2003.

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    Just out of curiousity, does anyone have more pain with there IBS than any other problem with there fms. I have had fm for 9 years and have had all the pain in the world..chest, legs, arms, back....etc. My doctor suspects I have IBS now and have been going through hell for almost a year. I have done other tests and nothing seems to show up. I have such bad gas pains now, that they keep me up at night. No matter what position I lye in the gas does not want to come out. It hurts so much. I am in constant pain in my waistline and lower ribs and I can't take it anymore. I suffer with constipation-IBS-C. If anyone suffers the same, with IBS being there worst symptom, please let me know. Thanks for listening. You guys are the best.
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    I'll get this one started for ya!! My top 3 most bothersome complaints are IBS symptoms,back pain-which would consist of upper,mid and lower,and the tiredness or fatigue....with the all over body aches too.
    Sorry your still having these mega problems and not much help~ I am too.I'm thinking of trying the OLE alot are talking about.Seems a few have had good results with it on helping their IBS,cramps and such.For me its worth a shot at it because living this way almost everday is waering thin on me!! It can be depressing!!
    Have you tried to add more fiber to your intake??Its highly recommended....however you must add it slow!!because too much at once can cause more constipation and gas!!but you want to keep regular with your movements so you don't get bound up!! and the fiber keeps things moving thru your system.
    I'm here if you need me!I know what your feeling and its very yukky!
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    I've had IBS since I was 14 years old (about 40 years now). It is so painful and debilitating! One suggestion that I think can help is to ease up on yeast-containing foods. I find that eating bread, pizza, rolls, etc. can cause me to get bloated and get that pain. Also, stress can be a major factor in IBS. When I get really stressed, the symptoms appear. There was never any meds that helped me. The gastroenterologist told me to eat a lot of fiber. You can get fiber in fruits and veggies too, as long as they're not too gassy. I guess you'll have to experiment. But as I said, the yeast-containing foods are a big no-no for me now. Give it a try and see how you feel. Let us know how you're doing, okay?

    Annette2 :)
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    Hi Tes -

    Have you been tested for parasites? I tested positive on one particular strain (don't know the name) that in rare cases can cause alot of these symptoms. I am currently on very strong antibiotic to obliviate the creatures, although I am not convinced this is the core of this illness.
    Just a thought.

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    This whole sorry episode seemed to start with IBS,i'D get really bloated[looked pregnant]and could release gas in 10 minute bursts,quite embarrasing ,it used to make my socks rattle.
    I've found that you can control the gas to certain extent by cutting out all dairy products[thats hard cos i really love cheese]it has stopped the bloating too.
    Do you have problems taking medication,? I do ,ican't take many medicines because they upset my stomach, can't have even the smallest amount of fibre.
    Good luck with your IBS,

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    hoping for more reply's.
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    i have chronic ibs hun, its ruling my life at the moment more than the cfs, some days i cant get out of bed because of it, but if i take more fibre , mine would be worse,as im like ermm, now how do i word this nicely heheheh ermmmmmm water ??tes hun i had all the tests also nothing showed bad, isnt that good tho phewwww, but i also tried cutting out all breads etc and dairy , sigh , made no difference , good luck all if you come up with someting let me know pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee xx sam
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    Thanks for your response. Does your ibs cause you alot of constant horrible pain in you waistline area? Today the pain seems to be at it's worst. Constant and oh so painful. Do you have constipation or diarreha with you ibs? And yes, fibre makes my pain so much worse. I have been barely eating because I am so afraid. Does it feel worse when you lye down or at night. I haven't slept in 2 days because the pain is more intense in the evening. I can't deal with anymore pain. My aches and fatigue don't even touch this kind of pain. It is not an is PAIN. Anyhow, hope to hear back from you. Take care,>>>>Tes
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    Just a thought but, do you take NSAIDS? This is the only thing that gives me relief from my IBS. I take Arthrotec because of my Gerd. I have pain in my lower abdomen that makes me want to scream, especially when gas is moving thru. Mostly diarrhea but sometimes constipation. I had a colonoscopy two years ago and they found inflammation and increased vascularity but no crohns or colitis.
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