is inflamation part of fms?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by snickerdoodle48, Apr 25, 2006.

  1. snickerdoodle48

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    Some things I have read say that there is no inflamation with FMS

    I have it and it causes most of the pain. It is in the bursis of the thighs. Is this common? or might I have something else?

    I have never been tested for anything else that might be going on.....

    PS -It is so great to have this message board to ask questions. i tried the chat room, but it goes to fast for me to keep up with! Thanks for your help friends!

  2. jake123

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    Do you see CKP on your blood tests? That is the test for inflammation. It is a measure of cell die off.
    I have always had inflammation and I attribute the pain to that. At one time, it was excessively high and was diagnosed with polymyositis. I had extreme weakness of muscles = could not climb stairs but walking was ok, just slow. That is why I have a handicap placard (but I rarely use it.)
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    My sed rate was high too.
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    There is lots of false info in medical books aobut this and our general symptoms, which are usually seen as too general, and miss many parts of this syndrome that are so common to us.

    I have visible inflammation all the time in various and migrating places. My SED rate is low though on testing.

  6. findmind

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    From what I've been reading, and having myself, the inflamation could come from the effects of viruses and bacteria in our bodies.

    If you do a search here, you'll find some good suggestions about it.

    To me, a lot of the CFS pain I feel is from inflamation.

    I take Omega-3s, evening primrose oil, eat lots of fish/salmon, take baby aspirin daily.

    Hope you find the thing(s) that work for you!!

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    Hi: I am new here, but am finding great comfort and encouragement for all I've read. My Dr. is sending me to a Rhematol. because my sed is 44 (high). I have Fibro, but have repeatedly tested negative for RA and my white and red count is normal. Has anyone else been in this situation? My regular dr. said maybe be lupus and doing an ANA? test. Any helpful info. would be great.