is it a flareup? or flu?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by pinkstar, Oct 27, 2005.

  1. pinkstar

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    hey how do you guys all know when you are getting a flareup?

    for a week my back has started to hurt REALLY bad to the point it hurts to stand up now.. im FREEEEEZING.. and i feel really warm in my face, but my hands are like ice.. and i am taking much longer naps again due to increasing fatigue.. also, i am just getting a bit listless.. like down and confused.. also, losing my ambition for school assignments... little things like that...

    is this what is considered a flareup? or am i just getting the flu or something? my temp hasn't gone over 99 degrees so i don't think it is the flu... help!

  2. Tigger57

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    I usually can't tell until it's gone on for awhile.

    Hope you feel better.
  3. fificat

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    I had to call my doc just to make sure ... my pain was unbearable in my back and legs and like you got the chills but had no really high temp just a low grade. and also never threw up or anything like that.. but my doctor said that there is a straind of the flu going around like that. But like the flu its still taking its time to get my energy back.. Bad thing is I had it on my birthday...

    hope you feel better..
  4. pinkstar

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    i didnt know the 72 hour flu really existed...
  5. hdbubblehead

    hdbubblehead New Member!
    did i make ya laugh?
    hope so, I been up all night. thats what happens when I get in here. I love to write, so I read and write to those whom, I think or feel something about & I pray.Then I tell ya my thoughts, or facts, or story, you know, like that.
    a little humor or tear jerking. depends on whatever....
    My humble guess...... You don't feel so well.
    I am sorry.
    it doesn't sound like the flu at this point because,

    My adult son(30) just had the flu,Oct.15th it began.
    What kind of flu ? who knows....
    but it lasted almost 6 days & nights. roughly a week. Thank GOD I wasn't there or I'd be dead. I am not getting the flu shot either. I don't want to put that crap in me just to see if I avoid it. But I am not against the flu shot either. just not for me.
    in this order.
    (he was in a clothing store with friend,he said,
    "I don't feel so good, I am going outside for some air. this is how he explained it to me when he was all better.
    Just before he walked outside.....
    felt like a hot flash all over him, within a few minutes.
    then he walked out of the store, hurled on the pavement.
    (oh my poor baby) :(
    then he laid in the car and kept barfing in the parking lot. graphic, arn't I ?
    they went to other friends house, he laid down. He
    couldn't even take anything to help symptoms 'cause he
    would throw even a sip of water up. no food,no water, no medicine.. he sweated it out with the chills.
    ( We would need a medic 'cause he is very strong and healthy, okay? )
    this continued for three days & nights, everyone got it, but he found out, he didn't start it, it was going around, flu got about 8 friends who saw eachother those few days I guess. even a couple of children. (
    all who had been around eachother for the week.
    I don't know your age, but at 30 ish, we don't know the meaning of home, bed rest, chicken soup.
    He said he felt like a truck hit him & backed over again.
    (now that's graphic !!)
    He rode it through without medications, and he was okay.
    he visited me this past week three times, he's lookin great, active, etc. but I have had 2 "iffy" nights,
    tummy pains that last for a few minutes, then go away.
    I have spent hours on the computer, and I have been fine for the past 24 hours,no tummy aches or pain.
    Sooooo. sounds like you don't have the flu, or you have another type.
    My guess, you over did, and you may be having a flare starting, so hopefully you will take real good care, and don't do anything you don't have to do. okay?
    That's the only thing I can say. Take 'er easy.
    and feel better soon. like today! xx peace.