is it cfs or lymes? please help

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    I am new to message board. I was diagnosed with cfs 7yrs. ago. Experienced debilatating fatigue, with so many other symptons for 2 1/2 yrs. After that I was about 75-80% back to a normal life. All at once it hit me again,debilatating fatigue, flu like symptons. Actually did not have the strength to raise my arms up or to get out of bed. After three and half years. I am passed the flu like symptons. Just have a lot of lower back pain (tailbone pain)and fatigue. Now I am not able to do any housework or cooking due to extreme fatigue. Most days I don't feel miserable until I am standing and up for about 30 minutes. After 30 minutes I feel as though if I don't lay down and rest I will just collapse. I feel like there is heavy weights on me when I get to this point.

    I have been tested once for lyme, test was negative. My question is. If this is lyme would I have gotten better the first time for about 1yr. with out any treatment before it hit me again????

    Or do I settle for the diagnoses of cfs??

    sorry this is so long.

    thanks for any input.

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    I have been ill for 14 years with relapsing and remitting symptoms. Then 2 years ago I got very ill and stayed ill. I was tested for many things including lyme. The lyme tests were negative, but tests showed candida, chlymidia and mycoplama pnumonia and some viruses. I was told I had CFS and that these infections were common with CFS.

    So I treated the CFS and these infections. But I kept crashing. In the meantime, my sis was being treated for lyme. Since my tests were negative, I felt I didn't have lyme. But the more my sister learned about lyme, the more we began to suspect that I may also have it. So I switched drs, got an ignenex test and got a positive result this time.

    Lyme can be relapsing and remitting just like CFS. It's very possible you could have lyme or another stealth infection, or most likely multiple infections that could be treated.

    If you can, find a doctor knowledgeable about lyme and get tested.

    Good luck!!
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    I was not treated for lyme. Although my test were negative.
    We live in a rural area with alot of turkey ticks and deer ticks. It is not unusual to find a tick on yourself. And yes they do leave a place on your skin when you remove them, although I do not ever recall a bulls eye rash. It is hard to remember back 7yrs. ago. I never even heard of lyme disease at that time.

    If you had a bite on you from a tick, you never really thought any more about it. Hopefully I can find a Dr. who is up to date on lyme. And get tested again.

    Thank you,
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    If you have been bitten by a deer tick, and you are sick, it's likely you have lyme. Less than 50% of people get a rash.

    Lyme testing is so unreliable. I hope you can find a doctor who is knowledgeable about lyme to help you.

    Good luck!

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    I was bit by a tick in either Illinois (Helmet Roast) or at Indiana (Boogie Fest) in 2001. Both were motorcycle tent camping events. Two days after the IN trip, I ended up being hospitalized with brain inflammation, dehydration, a high fever, flu-like symptoms and the big-D.

    About 25 doctors examined me but none recognized the softball size EM rash that I had on my leg. I tested negative for Lyme by Igenex which is the gold standard lab for tick born disease. If you were tested by a junk lab I'd suggest getting tested again. It is possible to test negative and still have Lyme.