is it depressing?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by lynn3811, Nov 7, 2008.

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    My great husband just asked me if i found these boards depressing? I really had to thing that over carefully. I told him that while there are stories from people on here that ARE so depressing, I find that this is the only place i can go to feel like i'm not losing my mind.

    As the economy worsens, the posts here are reflective of what is happening. Depressing? Maybe. But I feel that as a group of people who share the same physicial problems, the mutual admiration of all who are on here is far from depressing. My heart goes out to all of us with our bodies that are betraying us, my self included. (A little self pity here).

    Hearing the posts of the people that are in danger of losing their homes breaks my heart. I could be there too also anytime.

    So.. depressing? Of course. But also, it makes me feel like there are people out there that do understand the way I might feel at any given time. It makes me feel stronger. And though I might not post very often, I do read what people write.

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    I think we are married to the same guy, LOL. Mine also says I spend what too much time dwelling on my illness. *eye roll* He doesn't understand this is not dwelling. I just can't talk to ANYONE else openly like I can here.

    I find coming here is very good for me, I was on another board a long time ago and than stopped going when there was a lot of fighting going on and than I got depressed because I wasn't able to "talk" to anyone that understands.