Is it Fibro, Peri or Menopause

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  1. FibroJo

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    I am in menopause now and can't help wondering how to distinguish whether some of the things I am feeling are the result of menopause or fibro. If menopause,I am hoping they might let up but if they are related to fibro I believe it is a life sentence. Any one have any opinions on this topic?
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    We might be able to help you out better if you told us what symptoms you are experiencing.

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    I have read that menopause also causes muscle aches and pains, dizziness, memory loss,etc., alot of things that go hand in hand with fibro.
  4. FibroJo

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    As soon as menopause hit me (about 8 years ago) I had a lot more pain, stiffness and fatigue. My pain doctor told me my hormones were fine and gave me pain meds for the FM.

    Last March I went to the Fibromyalgia and Fatigue Center and had blood work done for my hormones. All my hormones were low; progesterone, testosterone, estrogen, thyroid, natural killer cell and cortisol.

    So, they put me on bio-identical hormones which has helped in that area.

    The best part is they tested me for lyme and viruses and I came back positive for lyme and positive for Epstein-Barr, CMV and Pneumonia Claumydia.

    No wonder I felt awful. Pain meds weren't going to help me get well and if I just stuck to my diagnosis of FM/CFS, I would never have gotten better but would, in fact, be getting worse.

    Lyme mimics a lot of illnesses including Lupus, ALS, FM, CFS and MS to name a few.

    I'm so thankful I didn't stop with my CFS/FM diagnosis (its more like syndrome than diagnosis) because I wouldn't be on the road to health.

    I think I've had lyme for most of my life (don't remember any bullseye rash but do remember being around ticks in Florida) but menopause made all my symptoms worse.

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    When I was 40, I started having perimenopausal symptoms. Kind've like a really bad PMS with memory loss, hot flashes, etc. I went on estrogen for 6 years.

    I'm 49 now and the last time my DR tested my hormones, they were at zero. (I had a hysterectomy in my 30's, so I hadn't had a period to go by)

    The memory loss of FMS is actually not as bad as what I experienced with perimenopause. I get hot flashes/sweating but I think it may be the meds I'm on.

    The rest I'm pretty confident is FMS. I do think that anti-depressants work very well for both menopausal symptoms and FMS. I take 50 mg of Zoloft every day. Keeps me sane!!


  10. dreamharp

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    You mentioned you were on estrogen for 6 years and then started zoloft later. What gave you more energy the estrogen
    or the zoloft?


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    Hi fibrojo, I had a hysterectomy 33 years ago. I took Premarin. Last spring I developed a cyst in my left breast so my Dr took me off Premarin and now I have terriable hot flashes. Look up Mayoclinia and type in Hot flashes and they may help you.

  12. Summerbreeze

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    I now believe hormones could be (a/the) underlying cause of many of our symptoms of fibro and CFS. I think it applies to men also, by the way. I was recently tested and discovered my hormones where terribly unbalanced. I am menopausal (I already knew this).

    My adrenal test (cotisol) is also way out of range and I was given a product to help rebuild them. Funny, when I first became ill 14 years ago, it hit me like a lightning bolt and quite literally flattened me (bed-bound). I said then that I felt like I had "blown a fuse". I truly believe this is what happened to me. I blew out my adrenals and they have been unable to totally heal even after all these years. Add in the hormone imbalance which had gone untreated and led to my hysterectomy for fibroids and other problems.

    I very recently began therapy with bio-identical hormones and a product to support my adrenals. I can tell the difference already, almost like my body was crying for the missing elements and is now sighing a breath of relief.

    Menopausal symptoms do overlap with our other disorders and can intensify them. Hormone imbalances affect young women and men also. I think it is wise to have them tested and take steps to correct this if testing shows the need. Best of luck to you...

    Love, Summerbreeze

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  13. CanBrit

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    Estrogen made a huge difference for me regarding sleep and memory loss, but I think now that some of my symptoms were actually fibro.

    Since I had my uterus out, the risk of getting that cancer was removed, but I was a little bit concerned about the breast cancer relationship so I decided to stop.

    The Zoloft helps me emotionally but I can't say that I have more energy. My doctor thinks I have CFS as well. Some days it's really hard to drag my butt into work.

    Today for example. My necks acting up and my leg and foot are jockeying for attention as well. Should've stayed in bed!


  14. FibroJo

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