Is it just me?I see my pain doc every month as he prescribes

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  1. rosemarie

    rosemarie Member

    I don't know if it is just me but I hear a lot of you saying that you will see your doctor in 3 months and it seems like you don't have to see him / her every month even if they are prescribing narcotic pain meds.

    I had to sign a contract that stated that I would see my Pain doctor 1 time a month for all my narcotic pain meds. And that this was a fedreal / may be state / mandated law that if you are seeing a doctor who is prescribing you narcitics pain meds then you MUST be seen every month.

    In order for me to get my scripts every month I must see my doctor of his PA in order to get the scripts refilled and all the scripts are for one {30 day} month. I can't ask for early refills , or get them any earlier than every 28 days at the most. This is from the doctors office as my insuracne will pay for a refill as soon as you have used up 80% opf your perscription , which is about 26 days early. But accounding to my doctor it is every 28 days so that you will not run out over a weekend.

    I am just wondering as even with my co-pay it is spendy to see him once a month as he is not a PPO the co-pay is $40.00. And then the coi-pays for my scripts are depeneding on how old the medication is, Like the valiun is $4.56. Visteril , $9.89 and one is $9.09 But the rest MScontin . soma, & MSIR are all $10.00.

    I was just wondering if any one else has to see their docor once a month. AS I don't see a rehumy as the only one here does not believe in Fibro or MPS and he is not one that will perscribe narcotics very easily. So I have to see a pain doctor who is aD.O. I really like him and he is very good at what he does.

    But I was wondering if any one else has to see their doctor for there perscriptions every month?

  2. blessedmom2four

    blessedmom2four New Member

    i had to go once a month, i had dropped out of it and went off all medications when i was in remission for about 3-4months,

    my GP prescribes ultracet for me , sometimes i dont have to see him every month he will give me refills 3-5..but then likes me to check in with him at least within 2 months
  3. rosemarie

    rosemarie Member

    Meds like untracet and toradol, ultram, don't don't a thing for me. I may as well take a suger pill as it would help just as much.
    I tried meds like Ultram and toradol a number of years ago and they don't do a thing to help me and the toradol makes me have panic attacks. So I really reather not take it.

    I know that there are many new meds that are NON Narcoitc but for me so far they have not worked for my pain and I so wish that they did. It would be cheaper for me.

    I am glad for you that they do work for you.
    Thanks for answering my post.
  4. CherubPink

    CherubPink New Member

    I see my Dr. about every 4-6 mos for a general how am I doing and then he gives me scripts on drugs I am running out on. Most of the time the pharmacy just calls him that I need a refill. He will however only allow me a script for a 30 day supply at a time. He told me point blank that he was worried about the Feds investigating him and knew a local Dr. that had lost his license for prescribing pain drugs indescriminately. I saw a new Dr. in Mobile, AL and he explained in great detail why narcotics are not the answer to pain control. I take neurontin which has helped me a lot and he has prescribed namenda (actually an alzheimers drug) which has helped a lot and I have reduced my narcotics dose all ready and am feeling better. He is an Italian rheumatologist and is throughly versed in how they are handling fibromyalgia pain in Europe. He said they have been using this for some time and if it didn't work he would put me on Lyrica. He said that he's had patients come to him on methadone and had them completely off narcotics using these drugs. He said it all had to do with these receptors (sorry I forgot exactly what they are called) in the spinal cord and that's why regular pain meds don't work well for people like us. I took Ultram for a while, then it did nothing for me either. I have 2 friends that had to go to drug rehab to get off of their Dr prescribed pain drugs, so I don't want to go that route. But this is working for me. I'm not perfect, but I'm sure a lot better.
  5. mildred623

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    I see the nurse practionor about every 2 and a half months. He is the one that Rx's my Vicodon. He gives me 90 every 2 weeks that I can fill. With usually about 5 refills. Maybe it varies by state.
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  6. rigby

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    When I went to a pain clinic I had to go in every month. But my PC will order my meds as I need them I use to go in twice a year with out any problems with him ordering them but besides FM and CFS I get lots of migraines. Now I go in about every two months because the pain gets so bad he will give me a shot to help get it under control. I was on loratabs but now take tylenol with codine. Sharon
  7. jake123

    jake123 New Member

    That the pain is a neurologically mediated type pain. His diagnosis for me is RSD. He will not give me an opiod for all the tea in China.

    I do have pain that can be relieved by pain pills but my doctor has never ever looked at my MRI's of my neck and back which is an assortment of scoliosis, fused vertebrae 5-6-7), degenerative discs in lumbar and sacral areas.

    So if your doctor is giving you pain pills, feel honored. So many of us are not so lucky.

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