Is it just me? or does anyone else strugle with the ins

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, Oct 13, 2005.

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    As most of you know I have had gall bleadder surgery on 8/31 and I still have not heard from the insuracne company about what amount we will have to pay on the doctors, and the hospital. I have called and talked to the same person each time to find out how long it will be before I get the explanatation of Benifits for all that I need.

    I have tried to get the Explanation of Benefits for each of the doctors and hospitals and all of the other members who assisted with the surgery.

    IT has been over a month and I still have no clue as to how much I will owe on the hospital bill and it alone is over $5,000 and then you have the ER bill whichis $879.00 and I don't know what my portation is and how much I will be paying. I have been told well we have not get the bill yet and it is here but we have not got it processed as of yet adn to be patient about it. And all the time I am getting bills that are telling me that my payment is LATE and finally I called teh radiologist and they had the last insurance we had ovand that was over 2 years ago and the girl told me that it was what the hospital gave them and I told her that was not true as I had to talk with the hospital to get the billing office adn they have me the right number and the right insurance that we have.

    They said weel that was what we were told and I get irratated with this person and finally I told her the right insurance that we have now. ANd it is so stressfull to get them to understand that I need them to send the bil to the insurance asap so that I can pay them the amount that I will be oweing.

    IT just makes me mad that it takes so very long to get things through the insurance. IT shouldn't take over a month to get things processed. Maybe I am just in a hurry to get things paid. I know that it takes my husband a long time to pay any and all medical bills and I want to get these all caught up and he is willing to borrow from his 401K to pay all the medical bills past due included too. and it will be an automatic payment taken from his check so it won't be late. But it can only be done at certian times of the year and it is gettint closer to the date where you can't do it anymore.

    So I am having evey one send me the bill before the insurance has paid and that way I can have my husband pay the amount of all the bills and when we get the insurance back the doctors will give us a refund for an over payment I Know this because my surgen has his ptients pay what the entire bill is , And when your insurance pays they will refund the " EXTRA amount you have paid.

    May be I am just impatient about getting bills paid on time but I am so tired of having to pay before I have the surgery . IT has come to that because of pe ople here locally that don't pay the bills on time and let them go to collections or loss it to a bankruptcy { SP}

    So with my hospital I had to pay $500.00 before I could have the surgery, and to the doctor I had to pay $400.00 of the $1,659.00 and when I get the EOB back we only owe $197.67 and they owe us $202.55 but they won't pay the oover payment till I get the EXplanation of benefits and they are provbiders so I have to pay my co-pay and then the insurance get the to pay the rest and they are assured top get payment. But I have not got that one yet. So it is stressing me out as I really am in need of the refund.

    Maybe it is just me but i am tired of having it take over a month to get a notice that they have paid or not paid. Sorry for the venting about this and sounding angry I don't want to offend anyone with what I have said. I am sorry if i have hurt anyone feelings.
    I am just fursterated. Thanks for letting me vent and gripe . Rosemarie
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    it frustrates the doctors too!

    Best wishes,
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    If your insurance is from a company that you or your husband works for, go to HR and tell them that you need to know how much you will owe.

    Companies choose their insurance company and they choose what the insurance will and will not cover.

    Most companies, however, want happy employees and will make exceptions to keep everyone happy.


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