Is it lyme or cfs

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    About 12yrs ago my husband removed 2 ticks from me .About 6-8 weeks later i developed various symptoms a large circular rash muscle twitching ,pain all over but esp in knees. dizzinesss. if i go to do something simple my heart takes off at an award winning rate. I have seen a few doctors some say cfs others dont know.lately i am 99% bedbound please help me i am desperate why are docs not interested. thanks for any advice dolphin3
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    Seek out an LLMD as soon as you can. Most doctors do not understand lyme disease. Even the CDC says that with a rash and tick bites and your symptoms that you have Lyme disease. You can go to lymenet to help find a LLMD.

    Good luck!!!
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    So sorry to hear about your severe health problems. Although most people with lyme never get the kind of rash you have described, the "bullseye" rash indicates that you have lyme disease. You may also, as many of use do, have other tick-borne infections with it.

    Lyme and co-infections can seriously effect the heart and many systems, organs, and tissues in the body.

    I agree with mollystwin. You must find a lyme literate doctor in your area. Once the lyme disease has taken hold for so long it is chronic, and you need the care of a well-informed doctor who has a lot of experience with diagnosing and treating lyme disease.

    Try finding a support group in your area. Or go to lymenet dot org, click on Flash Discussion, then click on Doctor.

    Take care,
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    Sorry to say this but if you've had the EM rash at some point and have crazy bizzare symptoms your infection was never treated properly.

    We know there is Lyme Disease in Scotland because of these published documents:

    You may want to check with others in your country to find a doctor who is willing to treat you with long term Abx. I found these by Googling Scotland and Borrelia which is the name of the Lyme spirochete.

    Try posting something on under the "Finding a doctor" section. Others in your country may respond the names of some doctors. You may have to travel to get treatment.

    Don't settle for a ME/CFS or FM diagnosis! I've almost recovered with proper lyme treatment (heparin, hormones including HGH, Abx and yeast meds.) Details are in my profile.

    Best of luck and gentle hugs to you.