Is it normal for me to be so ittatated and moody?

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    ABout 2 weeks ago my car DIED and I have been home bound since then. Of couse I can always borrow my Mom's car if she is not going any where like work or to her meetings. But then I have to walk to her house that is just over 2 blocks away from my house.
    It takes me about 14 minutes to walk that distance as I have to stop and rest and then start again.

    I have noticed for the past few days that I am really bitxxy and moody. I bite my hubby's head off for not doing what he tells me he is going to do. HE is always putting every one first but me and that sounds so selfish of me.
    SInce I have no car and NO money of my own I am stuck in the house.

    OF couse I could clean it but why? HUbby comes home and takes off the shoes and socks and drops them on the living room floor and that is where they stay as well as his shirts that he hangs on my vaccum.

    And the mail that is his piles up by one of "HIS ROOMS" they both are locked up and I can't get in to clean them or even find dishes that need washing. And it just irratates me greatly and I have been pissed off at him for the dumbest reasons lately.

    I don't know why I feel like this. And get so mad at him for the dumbest reasons.
    But it is driving me nuts and so is he. HE gets to leave the house when he wants and he does all the shopping for food. And he can come and go. But me I am stuck here at home or
    going places with my mom.

    NOt that spending time with my MOm who is 79 is a bad thing but her personiality has changed sicne she was sick in Jan of this year.
    And she is not so fun to be around. AS everyone gets told what to do and how to do it. Things that she has enjoyed all her life suddenly she hates and tells you that she has never liked doing that or seeing that movie every.

    So I really don't want to have her driving as it is bad. So I drive and get told that I am not driving so well either I drive to fast.

    I don't know why I am so cranky . And it really bothers me that I am this way. I hate it that I don't have any money of my own.

    And I hate asking my husband for money to color my hair and then for a hair cut as I really need it and need to look better so I will feel better about me.

    He does not see what I need money for as he " Tells me that he will buy me any thing or everything I want or need" And that is not true even tho he thinks it is.

    I just don't like being so onery all the time and I hate being stuck in the house all day as well.

    Last but not least my daughter told me that she volenteered me to baby sit a puppy that has a broken leg and the dog will be at my mom's house and I just have to lift her out of the pen and help her stand up. I asked how much she weighed and was told about 18 lbs.

    I can't lift much more than that and I am not steady at holding something that big long enough for the dog to do it thing. And I don't want to do this and have said so.

    And I get told well then Grandma will do it and she has a compression fracture and you don't. I am just about at the end of my rope and there is not real reson why I feel this way.
    I have had it and I am going to quit griping now. I am sorry for being so bitcxy and onery. I just don't feel like me now.
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    Hang -in-there. I had a whole month in September like what you are going through. 4 WEEKS! I couldn't work or talk to anyone besides my have tos at home "kids and husband". It was so hard I wondered if I would ever come out of it. Then I was at my last rope crying non stop, got the strength to go to the Dr and he put me on CYMBALTA anti depresant. It has worked great for me it took 4 weeks to fully work but now I even find myself laughing now and then.
    Think about seeing your Dr. for this your car was your last straw. Get your hair done and your nails! Tell your husband you need to go and that is final you will feel better! Goodluck
    Jessica VA.

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