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  1. the way the media is treating the flu? We are being constantly told how people are very sick how people are dying and how big an epidemic it is. Then the media says the flu shot only gives a 62% protection. It is really shameful the way they are scaring everyone.

    I myself never get the shot. I have had the flu twice in my life. In 1969 the Hong Kong flu,and I was pregnant,and in 1995. Both times I was working so I guess I had a lot of exposure to the virus. Now I am just trying to build my immune system.

    I needed to vent my feelings to a group that knows pain, weakness and all sorts of things regular people do not understand. Very soft hughs.
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    but that's the news business......everything is blown up so much, so people will watch and listen. 62% is not good protection. Even my daughter was telling me "people are dying from this" but........really not that many. Mainly young children what I've read which is very sad but when you consider the amount of people who have it.

    And I did a search and found that the l9l8 flu was unbelievable. I read that 20 million people died from it!!!!!!
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    with this years flu is that it started early and moved fast. I don't think it is worse in the sense that more people will get sick or that more will die than usual, but the media is making it sound that way. Not many people get severely ill with the seasonal flu. A lot of people who keep flooding the hospitals don't really need to be there. Many of them probably don't even need to see their doctor, just rest and treat at home.

    I could be wrong, but I just think people need to relax and just take cautious steps this year just like any other year. There are plenty of remedies to prevent the flu and lessen it.

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