Is it ok for me to write the Dr a letter and spell it out

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  1. keke466

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    to her how I feel and how I actually am and all my symptoms so she will be fully aware of what I want in my chart and what I want written on my SSd forms. I can write it out so much better than speaking and explaining it. I'm very forgetfull and often will write things down and take with me bvut you now how they are,always busy. I'm in the process of getting all the SSd forms ready so I can start filling them out and I just want to make sure she has it all recorded so it will be documented clearly on the forms she has to fill out. I've been doing alot reading and have read that it's good to gt all my records up front and send them in and to have the Dr's fill theirs out also and send in instead of waiting for SS to mail it to them.It can save some time?

    What do you think? I'm not new here,just now starting to post again.
  2. Saoirse3

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    It will be even better if she follows it! But I don't think there is anything wrong with laying all your symptoms on the line and saying EXACTLY how you feel, where your problems lie, the meds you have taken and their effect. I take printouts to my doctor all the time.

    A LOT, depends on the doctor's attitude toward you as well. My doctor isn't afraid of my going online and researching my conditions, and knowing the chemical compounds and interactions of my regime. But I have had OTHER doctors who feel as long as THEY have the "paper on the wall", THEY know everything and YOU don't know jack. I have been known to be a little (a LITTLE??) sarcastic with my doctors. When one told me HE had the degree, I replied "Yes, but unless you went to school in the sub basement of a secret base in the Carpathian Mountains, aren't the textbooks and course materials a matter of public record? Could I not buy those SAME books at, say, the Harvard bookstore? And with Mayo, Johns Hopkins, and other medical centers having websites, as well as NIH, could I not learn? I know you have practice experience, but knowledge is STILL knowledge. And I've got ONE patient - ME!" With that, I was "fired" as a patient. I was delighted!

    Soft hugs,
  3. MicheleK

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    Not only is it alright, it is a very good idea to do so. Make sure though that you are as brief as you can be while still painting a picture for your doctor of not only your symptoms but how they affect you as far as being disabling. Hopefully your doctor is already familiar with your case and is willing to go through the disability process with you. What a doctor writes on a disability report as well as the medical files to back it up makes the whole difference in the outcome of cases. I wish you every success. Hugs, MicheleK
  4. keke466

    keke466 New Member

    I see the PA but I've seen the Dr as well. I ask the PA if the Dr is going to be ok with this and she said yes so we'll see. The Dr can be a real B****. One reason the PA has more patients than she does.LOL.. I was even wandering if I should call and make an appt to just talk to the PA and the Dr at the same time and make sure they're on the same page and are willing to help me with SSD. I guess I'll go ahead and write the letter and lay it out and maybe just ask that they both read it. I can write it out so much better than speaking cause I can take my time.

  5. Mikie

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    It really helps the docs when looking at your chart, especially if you bullet the symptoms so they can easily be scanned. It also helps greatly when filling out forms like disability claim questionnaires. Most importantly, it establishes a legal record of your illness.

    Love, Mikie
  6. lvjesus

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    When I have something new I researched and make an appointment with my doc to discuss it, I have in the past faxed the material I will be discussing so he will know about it when I get there. He reads it too!
  7. keke466

    keke466 New Member

    Can you give me an idea of how I should start it out. I'm going to try and keep it short but I can get long winded when I write.LOL..
  8. rosemarie

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    I did. When I was applying for SSDI , I was seeing a pain doctor who was a busy guy and we had talked alot about my applying. So I took my sysmptoms and wrote them down and had the doctor fill in the blanks.

    Fibromyaligia: symptoms of, dx when made, what will help, is this disabling?

    End -stage oesteoarthritis : Symptoms of, when was dx made, Treatment plans.

    I even went to far as to have him fill out what he thought the best treatment plan was for me, how far I should go in treatments what treatments I had tried what worked and didn't work.
    I thought that it would be easier for him if I did it in a question and answer form , I had my medical records so I could put down all the medical terminalogy of each disease , syndrome, ect. Then I wrote it out as I discribed above,
    I also had a page where he could put his two cents worth in and how he was treating my conditions, how he felt about my applying for SSDI was it needed, did he feel if I were permently disabled.

    I must of done some thing right as I qualifed for SSDI.
    On Feb 14.2006 { I think} I recieved a phone call at 8 am and was asked do identify all my personal info, then he told me congrats you have qualified for Social Security Disablity, I said " Are you kidding me?" I had not used a lawyer and it was my first attempt to qualify for it. The man laughed at my answer and said that he was not kidding no joke, he then went on and explained to me all the details and what the benifts were and how to use them , how long it would be before I would be able to qualify for medicare ect.
    I had other health problems, bad knee's, osteo-arthritis, DDD, Spinal Stenosis, bulding discs. and a few more. That is why I recommend to get your medical history so that you know what you have been dianogised with and what your doctor's think about each dx. and your treatment plans.

    The reumy I see now I am not thrilled with , I dont' believe that he believes that fibro is real, or that I have chronc meyofacial pain syndrome and CFS, to me he thinks that if I get my knee's replaced my pain issues will be over with and I will not need any pain meds again

    Now if I could get my rehumy to pay for having my knee's replaced I would do it. but with my medicare plan I just can't afford it.
    That is another thing when you get on medicare you need to find out if you want straight medicare or a supplement plans or an HMO like I have.
    It is good to know which plan is the best for you to have. I wish I could change my plan and add some things to it. And maybe I will.

    Any way I got off topic, yes write your doctor , take it in with you when you see the doctor. Make sure you have all the facts about your medical history correct. IF you do that you should qualify for SSDI with out a hitch. But that is just my thoughts on it.
    good luck
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  9. keke466

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    yes I think I'll type it up this weekend and make an appt and take it in and give to her. I don't think she gets it as too how I really don't function and I know the Dr doesn't. I think I'll have a harder time getting the Dr to understand. She can be such a B***h. I wish the PA could fill out the papers and sign it.
  10. rosemarie

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    a doctor has to fill out the forms. I have worked in medical and dental office's. Most of the forms that need filling out are filled out by a receptionsist or other personal, the doctor then goes over it and will sign it.
    Maybe the PA will be easier to work with and maybe he can fill the forms out.

    I am not sure how it works in your doctors office but there is a good chance that some one other than the doctor will fill out any forms for SSDI.
    Hope you get the help you need and the understanding from doctor and Pa.
  11. keke466

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    I'm gonna go ahead and write it up and make me an appt and go see her and ask her to read it and if she'll fill out the paperwork and have the Dr sign it. I'm going to tell her I really need it filled out completely and thoroughly so I better chance of winning faster. I'm gonna praying abt it. I've been doing alot of reading abt it to see what will help and it all says have very good medical records.
  12. keke466

    keke466 New Member

    How do I word it? Do I address it to the PA,who treats me,by name?

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