Is it OK to combine RX's and supplements?

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    Hi there! I was just trying to find out if what I am doing is OK. My doctor and pharmist are idiots, so there's no point asking them.

    Here's what I'm taking:

    Methadone 2 mg-2 every 12 hours
    Lortab 10 mg -2 every 6 hours
    Ultram 50mg-as needed max 8pd
    Paxil 50 mg-1x pd
    Flexeril 10mg- as needed

    SUPPLEMENTS- (taken after dinner daily)
    Women's Multivitamin

    Is that alright? Should I be taking anything else? I think that the supplements are helping with the pain. Too early to tell for sure. Lately I have been really dizzy, lightheaded, shortness of breath, and have waves of nausea. Could it be a bad reaction to something? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!


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    I am not a doctor, nurse or pharmacist, but it seems that the supplements you are on are pretty "basic" I wouldn't think those would hurt to combine, but that's just my opinion. I am on the same supplements you are on, plus some prescription meds. I wouldn't take anything other supplements without finding someone who knows. I know some supplements for depression are not good to combine with antidepressents, but you aren't taking any of those (but just for future reference.) Wish I could be of more help.
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    One supplement, or maybe I should say two, are noticeably missing. They are magnesium and magnesium with malic acid. You can order both from the store at this site.
    That's where I get them.

    Magnesium is well known for helping muscles relax and some find it helps with sleep. We are all supposedly magnesium depleted when we are first dx'd. I didn't think mine was working so I quit taking it for a while. I started back up last week and noticed an almost immediate improvement in my pain.

    Although they are both rx's you should be careful about taking Paxil with Ultram. I take them also, but I've been warned by my doc and my pharmacists many times of the potentials for seizures. As my doc says, I'm also on TWO anti-seizure meds, so that should count for something! You might want to check that out.


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    I've always gone to my pharmacist because they have the capabilities of punching in any reaction to medications and you can ask their advice on what supplements you should be taking. I'm very close to my pharmacist and he's always ready to assist me in any way he can. You might consider taking in your blood results to him for a second opinion. Their very knowledgable and it's another opinion you might be able to rely on. Give it a try and see if it can give you a better result. Good luck to you.
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    Your body ingests these things naturaly from food as it is. If u wouldn't be able to take these supplements then u probably wouldn't be able to eat or drink! LOL!

    Also, if ur pharmasist is an idiot, just phone a random pharmasist and they should be able to inform u of any inquiries u have. Or if ur doctor is an idiot, just call ur local hospital and ask this question.

    Hope this helps!