Is it or isn't isn't it?

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  1. scrapkat

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    IBS that is. Just wondering if anyone else has ever had this happen.

    I've had IBS for years - always knew exactly what it was, how it affected me and when it disappeared. I have ALWAYS gotten gassy, have pain on my LEFT side, REALLY bloated, have diarrhea, take some Immodium, and it's gone in about an hour.

    The past 3 weeks it's been totally different - no matter what I eat or drink (even water) I get SEVERE cramping so bad that I am screaming and crying and it feels like childbirth is gonna happen except it's just a stool movement. Plus the pain is now on my RIGHT side and radiates to my lower back area on the right. I have taken Immodium like candy and the only thing that actually has helped is taking a pain pill and going to sleep and relaxing. I have a dr's appt Friday but just wondered if anyone here has ever experienced this and is it actually just IBS?

    scrapkat (who is hating this DD more every day!)
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    Hi there! Welcome to the board! Yes, the majority of us have IBS. Technically if you have it you are supposed to have aternating diarreah and constapation and cramping, gas, and bloating. It really sounds like that's what you have. Your doc should be able to give you something else to control the diarreah. Do you have constipation as well? I used to get both, but now I am just constipated all the time. It can make you very irritable, I know!!! I feel like I'm going to burst sometimes! You are probably going to have to have a colonoscopy. We all have to have them at one point or another. Not fun! But anything to get better! I don't think that overuse of Immodium is a very good idea. You hav probably built up a resistance or tolerance to it, That may be why its not helping. Let us know how it goes. Get to a doctor quick!!!!

  3. zggygirl

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    I dont' have the pain with diarrhea usually constipation.
    The pain is on the lower right side below the halfway mark from the rib cage to the pelvic bone. (closer to the pelvic)
    try pushing (gently) around this area and see if you can find one very tender spot. I had this for years, even hurt to walk( and yes I did the crying/labor pain thing all night at times). Anyway after doing a Cat Scan<?> can't remember the exact test, drank all that horrible tasting stuff they found nothing "wrong" in mty intestinal tract.
    So I'm at the chiropractors office one day and I mention the pain to him and he says "right here?" I said "OUCH!!!! That hurts!!! How did you know where it was?" And he told me there is a valve between the upper and lower intestine that can get stuck open or closed. Open caused diarrhea, closed the opposite. So you can push downward on this area-towards your legs for a few minutes, (you'll hear all sorts of noise) like you are trying to close the valve. Another thing that will do it is icing it for about 10-20 min.
    I've never used the ice.
    I do remember one day sitting in my car thinking "oh no, here it comes again" and pushing on that area for about 3 minutes and the pain just disappeared. It works almost all the time for me.
    Now after I've said all that I hope it relates to your problem!
    Take Care,
  4. aching

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    ...sometimes it makes me want to scream. Anything passing along including gas causes it. After an NSAID and hot water bottle mine will usually subside.Usually left side for me but sometimes right.

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    Welcome to the board..

    After I started taking digestive enzymes, and Probiotics, I have eliminated the IBS..Also, I think OLE (Olive Leaf Extract) has contributed..Hope you get it resolved soon..

  6. Wingingit

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    I don't think this is something you should either ignore or attempt to take care of on your own. You need to see a doctor and have the necessary tests run to ensure there is not something more than simply IBS or constipation going on. You could be suffering from diverticulosis which is a condition where you develope outpouchings in the lining of the colon, which, if they become inflamed and infected can eventually lead to diverticulitis, which can lead to a rupture which could necessitate surgery. If you are suffering lower abdominal pain (usually on the said yours was primarily right sided?), fever or chills, vomiting or nausea you require immediate treatment.
    This may not be the case, you may be experiencing a partial intestinal blockage. My son had this problem and was put on IV fluids overnight in hospital and was right a rain the next day.
    Regardless, you need to consult with a physician. In my opinion ( the humble opinion of one who has a colostomy due to a ruptured bowel) you don't want to neglect these symptoms or try to self medicate without consulting with a physician.
    Better safe than sorry...
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  7. sierrasioux

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    Yes, I have IBS-and as I was reading this a commercial came on with a new med for IBS. This is the first time I have seen it-----ZELNORM
    I will have to read about this new med now.
  8. fullarmor

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    Have you ever had any sort of abdominal surgery before, for example an appendectomy? I started having very similar symptoms about 2 years after an appendectomy, and after 8 months of going to doctor after doctor telling me it's just IBS, i found a doctor who thought it could be due to a build up of scar tissue. they did exploratory surgery, and sure enough scar tissue had built up all inside my abdominal cavity, twisting my intestines all over the place. Every time I ate anything it hurt. Once he removed the scar tissue I was fine. maybe it's a possibility for you. I hope the MD appointment goes well!
  9. scrapkat

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    That makes me think some more. The pain acutally almost reminds of when I had endometriosis really bad and it is in almost where my one ovary is. I had a Hysto but they left my ovaries. I hope it's not more endometriosis. Like I said - I do have an appointment Friday with my dr and will definately be talking to her about this. Thanks for all your answers.