is it possible to herx from betaine HCL and pancreatic enzymes alone?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by kfisher446, Mar 28, 2009.

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    I got my gut tests back and have a ton of bacteria as well as leaky gut, low enzymes, low acid etc. I started with 2 pks. of vsl and after 2 weeks was in a really, really, bad flare that I have yet to fully come out of. I stopped the vsl and am now just doing the enzymes and hcl with food. Can one herx with just these things or am I still experiencing the effects of all that probiotic with the vsl? Im at a loss... feeling much, much worse than before I even started the treatment... I know I need to add back the probiotc but am scared to death to feel that bad again. Horrible vision problems, headache, terrible brain fog, you name it. thx. all - K
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    Hi Kfisher,

    Sorry to hear you've been going through such a rough time. My take is that yes indeed, you can herx when doing enzymes therapies. There was a Dr. Kelly who had an enzyme protocol for addressing various cancers. The idea was to take them on an empty stomach, so that the enzymes would go out into the body where they would act as scavangers. When they encountered cancer cells, they would begin to digest them, but care had to be taken not to do it too rapidly or the dead cancer cells could overwhelm the body's detoxification system.

    In our case, I think a lot of us have chronic infections which lead to fibrin buildup in the blood. This fibrin can also be digested by enzymes, and I assume can also cause detoxification stress. So my best take is to assume you're detoxing at too rapid a pace, and might be a good idea to slow down your approach.

    All the Best, Wayne
  3. kfisher446

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    Im so overwhelmed right now. My doctor had me start a lot of things all at once in pretty sufficient dosages. Looking back now, that was really stupid of me to do. I know better than to do that. I did a week of artesunate along with all that vsl#3 (which in each packet has 450 billion of probiotics) along with the digestive enzymes, hcl, colostrum, coq10, hawthorn and a bunch of other stuff alla t once. After the first 5 days on everything I had a heavy immune response for 3 days with a bad sore throat, fever and terrible fatigue.... then it seemed like the herx from below... started. So I probably just threw myself under the bus with all that stuff at once. I cut back to just the probiotics and hcl now. My adrenals are also toast so all that detox probably set them back too.... I wish I had better cortisol levels, it might make it easier to handle the detoxing that comes with all this junk...

    thx again wayne, :) -kim

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