is it possible to send out a group prayer?

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    i am reading posts , and so many of us are in need of prayer and support, its just overwhelming:
    in the hospital-Fayes little Alex, Ellie, Karenanne , possibly more that i missed; AND

    many others who are in dire straits due to variouse health isssue, family concerns,grief,..
    Selena,Cathy,Nonie,Rose, CactusLil,.. and others i did not read yet.

    i just want to say that i am praying for everyone , i sure i missed some, please do not take offense. their are just so many of us here on the baord that really need Gods help, and our prayers.

    i am praying that when we all join togather , to help our freinds in need, we will be heard by whichever God or other higher being we each believe in, and our efforts will be rewoarded with some mircles for our dear freinds.

    i hope this post is making sense, i just see so many in need right now, i just felt like i had to do something, maybe by joining togather, our voices will be heard.

    i am praying for many prayers to be answered tonight, and that we may all read good news from our freinds soon.

    take care, toni.m
    i know that there is strenth in numbers, and i know we all care for each other, and support everyone here as we have all helped eachother so many times.

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  2. Dazee

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    Hi Toni,
    Your words were wonderful and so inspiring to me. I came back to post my praise and thanks to the Lord for bringing me to this forum and found yours just waiting. I am so grateful for the friendships I have made recently, it truly has changed my every day.

    Coming to the Worship Forum is very special and it is here that I find those, myself included, looking for strength from others who look to the Lord as our source for everything. We just need to get our eyes off of ourselves and focused on how much our Father loves us. That is what coming to this worship forum is to me. I feel it gives me a chance to put myself aside and pray for those who are hurting and in need. And when I am done, I actually feel restored myself.
    God Bless You...Dazee
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    Hi toni.m,
    That is exactly what we are doing, group prayer and there is strength in numbers. God is among us all and hears our every prayer. This is great unity!
    Sorry I'm short tonight, but my brain isn't working.

    Don't worry about missing someone, God knows each name and need. I pray for those I know need prayer individually and then pray for everyone in general on the Fibro/CFS Board since we all need God's healing touch. Isn't it great that God knows us all?


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    Toni, there is a wonderful thing we do in our Church and I am trying to remember to do it at home. We have a printed list of people who are in need of prayer; their names given either by themselves or by family and friends who are concerned. During the Service there is what we call Joys and Concerns. At this time, more names are added by those who are in attendance. The list is then held between your hands while a prayer is lifted up; some actually feel warmth from the list as they pray. What if we did this daily for our "Board Family". Each day there are many who are in need of God's love, strength and grace. As we read their posts, we add their names to our list ( you could have paper and pen handy next to the computer). As I am writing this, I am getting anticipatory sensations. I will start mine right now. Let me know if you would like to join me. There is, after all, power in prayer and power in numbers. Deena