Is it safe to have Lasik when you have fibromyalgia? Newbie her

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by saintrose, Mar 26, 2006.

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    Any knowledge would be appreciated.
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    Interesting question!!
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    we both have cfs and fibromyalgia. Our doctor (a leading CFS physcian/researcher) said it would be okay. So we both had it done. We have both experienced problems with the results. We don't know if they are related to CFS &/or fibro, but we are not thrilled with the results.

    We researched until we found a well respected doctor in the field of lasik. He has many years experience and the most up-to-date equipment. The surgery itself was great. No pain, side effects, etc. Twentyfour hours later, no glasses.

    I am back to having to wear my "readers" at times. Not a big problem. Neither of us are able to drive at night. Both of us have a terrible time with "star-bursts". This is what we experience with traffic light signals, and lights from stores, lighted signs, and even stars and airplanes. Just balls of light. We cannot read lighted traffic street signs from a distance, until we are practically right on top of them. We both now have night blindness. My husband has a "blind" spot that comes and goes. Our eyes are very dry and we have to continually put eyedrops in them.

    We are in our early 50's. If we had the chance to do it again, we would not. We have seen the doctor numerous times since first getting the surgery (about 3 years ago) and they keep telling us our eyes are "good". We will be going to get another opinion from someone else. Whether our complications are "normal" and our eyesight is "good" will probably boil down to a matter of opinion.

    We know "healthy" people who have had it done without the same resulting problems. Though one of them, who had "mono" vision, where one eye is for close up vision and the other is for distance (same as my husband) had his reversed so that he just had good distance vision and is wearing glasses for close vision (reading, etc).

    I don't know if this will help you at all. I hope others see your post and reply so that you have more to go on.

    Good luck in your decision process, and
    God bless you,

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