Is it the old Rumatiz???

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    I went to my chiropractor the other day...we got to talking on Fibro...I just wanted to know what he knew...he said..everything...and also stated that I "definately" had it...but he mentioned that this is an old alement...with a new name...Rumatisum (know I killed the spelling, sorry)but I have to say that after reading all these threads in the past few weeks...I just can't believe that its just one thing...Fibro...sounds to me like MS....some not all of course...but..there are just too many symptoms here...(which I do have some of) mostly the knee joints..the other symptoms I have ...numbness...muscle aches...ect..are related to my hypoglycemia, menapause, migraine....or....are these (except to menapause) also caused by...the Fibro???? Im too confused...but on the samae note too scared to really know ...I guess...Jeanne
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    Fibro is such a basket full of symptoms that it is hard for a lot of us to accept it! The doctors think we are nuts, many of us have families that think we are lazy or pretending, and so on and so forth!

    I disagree with your Chiropratctor, Fibromyalgia is an old ailment, it was called; Fibrositis, then they found out there was no inflamation in the muscles, so they changed it to Fibromyalgia, as the other name meant 'inflamation' as well as pain.

    My Grandfather had this, many many years ago. They told him he had Fibrositis, sent him home and told him to take an 'asprin' when the pain got bad! I remember this well, I was the one who used to rub his back for him.

    I have had this for 20 years, its gotten worst as I got older, or I got older and the pain felt worst! Who knows??

    I doubt if its being mistaken for MS, that is a whole lot worst than Fibro.

    Don't be afraid, if you are going through menopause, it will make it worst for awhile too. Especially the sweats and the mood swings. I like to have drove my husband nuts with the pain and the mood swings. He never knew if I was going to kiss him when he got home from work, or if I was going to kill him!! (smile). I would go from one extreem to the other in minutes.

    Take care, and don't worry. No one has died of Fibro!

    Shalom, Shirl