is it time for a cane yet?

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  1. I am getting worse, I can't get up without a cane or I use whatever sturdy object is in front of me. I can bend about 1 or 2 times then my hip starts burning and hurting.

    If I go to grocery store and items are on the lower shelf,forget about it. I don't want to bring a cane with me yet. I woudn't need it all the time but would be helpful to get up or down with. Is everyone having problems like this? Ruthie

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    I am 61 and I feel that it is the same with me. I lose balance, stumble side ways, and have a hell of a time getting of the toilet or out of a chair.

    I am ready for one, I want a clear one so that it is not so obvious. My problem is getting my husband to think I need it even though he has this too. Someone at my house can be a real tight wad.
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    hi willruthie,

    there are days i could use a cane. i always have trouble walking but some days are better than others. my lawyer ask me don't you think it is time you try a cane?

    i don't want to until i really have to just because i wouldnt use it everyday right now. and then when people see you with it one day and not the next they start with thier questions. i dont need anymore non believers.

    but when i need it everyday or if i can just use it around the house until that day comes i have to all the time then i will get one.

    i am going to get a shower stool though i have been putting that off but it is time to get it.

    i cant bend over very well either. but i never go the store by myself so hubby gets to do all the bending.

    GOD bless

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    who would have thought a cane at 48 ...not me . It helps so much I can't believe I waited so long to use one . Try anything that will help with this disease . I have purchased a lift recliner to help getting up and use a wheelchair in the grocery stores . Go for it !!!
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    Ruthie--I, too, would have never imagined using a cane, much less a wheelchair, in my early 50s. I never walked anywhere--I flew!! Anyway, after one too many falls and embarrassing stumbles, I bought one. It changed my life. All of a sudden, I felt so much more confidant. My husband always held one arm and I used the cane for further balance. It also helped me straighten back up after bending and in climbing stairs.

    Another perk of a cane is that people have a tendency to accept the fact that you are "really" disabled if you use a cane. It's ridiculous but true. People hold doors more often and ask if they can help. I found that people have been exceptionally kind. Occasionally someone will ask how I hurt myself and I use the opportunity to explain ME and ataxia.

    I still use my cane but now just to transfer out of my wheelchair into another chair or the car. I am very very weak and unstable and suffer from tremors and vertigo. My cane is no longer enough support for walking more than a few feet.

    Make certain that you are really comfortable with your cane--the handle and the length. Mine is an antique which my husband shortened for me. Just remember that a cane can never break a fall--only a walker can do that. It is very important to recognize when we move from the need for one mobility aid to the next.

    Best of luck trying it out.

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    yeah, I need one of those too ;/
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    I am just like you and have been for a long time. I cannot get anything off the lower shelves. I am not steady on my feet. I think a cane would be great, but I don't know if we have to have a prescription for one. Sometimes I feel like walking with crutches would be less painfull than walking alone.

    At home I carry a stool and broom around with me so that I can get things that are low or on the floor, and the broom to help me get up again.

    Hope this helps.

    I think the first time I fall in the store I will get a cane.

    Hope this helps.

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    What to do. What to do. See, on some days I really need it, and others I don't. I have the most trouble on smooth floors like in stores and restaurants. It also depends on what shoes I have on. It makes no difference that they are perfectly flat. My right leg has a little loss of feeling so makes me unsure of my footing.

    At the same time, I have almost no problem walking on carpet or cement in my walking shoes. I know I shouldn't care what people think, but I can walk around my neighborhood almost every day with no problem. If they see me with a cane they might wonder what's up.

    Then there is the question of what kind to get. I just don't know. I've been debating this thing for about 2 years now.
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    I need mine mostly in the morning when I'm really stiff. But tonight I feel like I should be able to walk around the neighborhood. I got mine because of my recent back flare just from walking around the neighborhood. I'm afraid to walk tonight in case I injury myself again. I feel so sorry for my dog I haven't been able to walk him for 4 nights now. It sounds like you really need one. I don't think I'll use mine all the time, but if I need it I have one.

    Your PCP can order it for you. Then you take the script to a Medical Supply store. Medicare covered mine completely. It also listed for only 31.00 dollars.

    I say go get one to at least have around the house to help you get up from a sitting position. Does it really hurt you when you go to get up? That's how it is for me.
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    I say cane.

    On the doctor show House he uses his cane when he needs it and doesn't when he doesn't need it.

    I got mine and worked with it around the house first. Didn't even feel the need to ask my doctor. I next used it at church because of the ramps (I was having to hold onto someone to get in and out anyway).

    The hardest for me was carrying it to work. I used it going in and out but for short level walks I didn't carry it.

    It's best with a cushioned handle that gives a little. Also learn to use with either hand because it can cause strain on your hand, arm and shoulder.

    We shop for groceries now at WalMart so I can use a scooter, if you walk in with the cane no one questions why you'd need a scooter.

    If you haven't gotten a handicap plaque yet you will need to have your doctor fill out a form for that.

    Take care
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    I have had a hip problem for a number of years now. I
    can only walk about a block without having to stop and rest
    due to pain. However, I find it interesting that both you
    and Hubby have been diagnosed with Fibro. Have either given
    any thought to having a Lyme test done? My pain is most
    likely Lyme bacterial infection "settling" into my hip!

    It is now thought that Lyme can be passed on through physical
    contact of bodily fluids. Many people that have been diagnosed with fibro, M.S., Lupus etc. etc. have latter found
    to have been "mis-diagnosed" and in reality, have Lyme!

    We are all attempting to find answers here together . I open
    up this alternative possibility as matter of concern.

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