is it time for a specialist?

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  1. My doctor is great and he believes in fybro and gives me pain meds. Today he was like there isn't A CURE FOR FYBRO so All I can do is help you with the symptoms.I am starting to have terrible muscle spasms. Should I see a Rheumatologist? Maybe give me steroid shots in my joints? I feel there is more I can do. All my joints cruch and Have been diagnosed with Osteoarthritis .Last time I was there he mentioned an x ray and this time he said it woudn't do any good since fybro wont show up on x ray. I thought for ssd u need to prove it is fybro by eliminating other illness. Any help ???? Ruthie
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    I think you should definitely see another doctor, in fact I just came from an appt with my primary care doctor to get a referral to an endo to thoroughly check out my thyroid for new symptoms i've been having. my doctor is great about giving me referrals, and said it was a great idea for me to ask him for one.
    If I were you I would see a rheumatologist. You have to do what you have to do if you feel your doctor isn't doing as much as he should!