Is it true that Fibro cause swelling?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by hurt_allover, Apr 2, 2008.

  1. hurt_allover

    hurt_allover New Member

    I had a very bad doctor last night in er.
    I went in for swelling and pain. my feet/ankles and my wrist and forarm were swelling fast.I was also haveing cracking, poping, and grinding in my neck so bad I was afraid to move My neck too much in fear something was really not right. the pain in my neck and back of head was causing a seriously blinding in order for a doctor to see the swelling I went to ER. I know about trigger points which does cause knots under the skin on the mussels but this swelling was different.

    This doctor said to me first thing you have had this swelling/pain for several years now? sooooo what do you want me to do? this was not a caring question it was you have got to be kidding me! question.

    I went to explain to him that I had ddd and pain for years but, the fibro, and diabetis, and the swelling for around 2 years..he didnt let me get it out of my mouth when he cut me off and ask if I was seeing a phycrotrist? when I told him no(the depression is from pain and not sleeping) he was all but running out of the room! saying we will get xrays on your neck. xrays were clear..who knew right? well he acted justifyed and again did not even come into the room and stood in the doorway like he was about to take off running..

    nurse came in to recheck blood pressure which was up..and i told her I did not care for that doctor and told her what he did..she said that she had told him that I had fibro/swelling and he told her that fibro caused swelling.

    so I got 2 pain med shots in my behind and a script for lyrica. the doctor never looked at my swelled wrist and arm.

    I have read of bad doctors..but this is the first time I have run into one and it is quite unbelivable.

  2. msSusan

    msSusan Member

    I don't have actual swelling but do have a FEELING of swelling/burning/inflammation most days to varying degrees. Worse since perimen. started in the last few years. Food intolerences seem to affect this also.

  3. dixiet

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    If I stand for any amount of time my feet turn bright red and noticably swell. I have a friend that comments about how my feet look all the time. They also burn, itch and ache when this happens. I don't take lyrica, I did take neurontin for about 3 years, it helped w/ the burning and aching, but they still swelled and turned red. I haven't been taking it for months, so I know the swelling is not a reaction to the medication.

  4. justjanelle

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    although I do frequently get knots in my muscles that can show as a bump. But no actual swelling.

    In fact, my rheumatologist has said that FM is an inflammatory condition and tried several different anti-inflammatory medications for me -- but they really didn't help me at all.

    Apparently it's true for some people.

    The thing that really bothers me about your er visit (besides the ER doctor just brushing you off like that)is that it seems unlikely to me that you would just all of a sudden (after having the FM for years) have sudden severe swelling in your feet and arms due to FM.

    I think something else was going on. I hope you can find someone to help you find out what! And that you're feeling better today.

    Best wishes,
  5. fibromickster

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    I have sweeling in my feet, ankles, legs and hands. My rheumy told me it was from having a flare from my Psoratic Arthritis. She put me on prednisone and methotrexate and it worked like a charm. The swelling was gone. However, it is not a cure. I will probably get it really bad again when i have my next flare, which could be anytime anywhere.

    DRAGONSGIRL New Member

    Yep! Feet and ankles and calves swell big time. My hubby calls them my hooves when they do! My doc said just get off them and put them up when they do.
  7. frosty77

    frosty77 New Member

    My wrists, fingers, and feet all swell frequently - I assume it's fibro.

    Is there another hospital you can go to? Or another ER doctor?
  8. desertlass

    desertlass New Member

    You might want to do a search on the lymph system on this board-- just type in swelling, or lymph, or some combo

    Many people have talked about their swelling, and perhaps you might find someone to help you with this.

    Have you been tested for Lyme? Apparently the neck noises can be associated with that. I have them terribly.

    I'm really sorry that you had to go through that. Doctors just can't believe that we come in with something that we experience all the time... but who knows when it has reached a critical point or is from some other cause that could be dangerous.

    I'm glad nothing really scary showed up on your x-ray. I also know how frustrating the whole experience is when they don't really look very far.

    Hope you feel better soon,
  9. hurt_allover

    hurt_allover New Member

    yes, that doctor sucked big time..ah well..I had been in bed most of that day with no walking other than to the br.
    but after last nites joke I was in bed all day today completely wiped out! I still have the swelling in my forearm but it is not shooting pain like last night and has gone down some. i really wanted to go to my reg doctor today but for the life of me could not muster the gt up and go to even open my eyes long enough to focus.

    its a gp wanted me to go to a bone doctor..set the appt for me..I turned away because I could not pay them 200 dollars up front..I ask for some sort of payment arangment..was told a flat NO.

    I got to get my out of my mouth "FD had sent me to bone do"...when the doc last nite cut me off once again and said U NEED to see rumy! possible to test for lupus..I told him flat out I had been to rumy's and they said I did not have the Rf factor my test were all negitive..he ask did they do the ana that point I gave up with him..he was constantly moving toward the door and dismissing every thing I tried to say..just sighed and said no..(I know very well that rh and lupus is to seperate nasty's but if he wanted to belive he was so smart to treat me this way I could at least mess with him too) he never even tried to explain this to me it flew right over his head now who needs to see a head doc?
    anyway, of course the doctors did all thoes test on me but it was a few years ago they found other things which they considered more important at the time to address and the thing i went to then for was put on the back burner...
    MY point is that he made me feel like a joke, fake, crazy and wasting his was obivious he was a very busy man an did not have time for me to waste it for him how rude of me not to notice.
    if he would have looked at my chart instead of glancing over it he would have seen where this was new and that it was hard for me to get to my gp during his hours due to the swelling comming on after was 10:30 pm when I went to the er. and that I just wanted a doctor to see the swelling before it got really bad then go's away and to have a look at my neck to be on safe side.

    again thanks again for all your replys...I really just thought that swelling was inflamation from auto immune diease or oa or ra? just not fibro for me it attacks my mussel all over my body with no swelling just the knots, pain , achy etc..
    sorry for turing my post into a rant..and i do appriciate all your is very nice to know you all care and share your experiences..thank you!