is it true that SSD only looks at medical records back to last day of work

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    Is it true that SSD only looks at your medical records to the date that you stopped work. I need them to go back further to truly understand

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    I don't think so, 99% of my medical stuff came after quiting work. I only saw one dr who didn't diagnose me with CFS before I took FMLA then quit. I got approved the 2nd go round, mostly because I think I had even more info from drs who said, yes I have CFS, I just saw her, these are her limitations.

    As part of my request for SSD, I inluded Interstitial Cystitis, which they counted, even though I had all treatment for the five years prior to filing for SSD and hadn't seen a dr in a year before filing.
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    Try not to worry to much . Just get as much information you can together for them .
  4. I think the SSDI office(s) in Indianapolis and/or Chicago know every scratch & cut *I've* had since birth! lol..

    But, that all played to my advantage- unfortunately healthwise, but, 'fortunately' case wise.

    They were even able to obtain medical records from Brooks Army Medical Center, when I had NO IDEA what the name of it was! LOL (little scary, really)... but, by where I was stationed, and what dates, city, etc... they* figured it out... still, scary that they got my records, without my knowledge, whatsoever..

    As I said though, it was good they did... as, that was the last time I was ever healthy, so-to-speak...

    Looking back NOW, my mom believes I truly have been ill to some extent or another, basically my whole life.. but, as a tween/teen... I was a slacker, malingerer, trouble maker, etc..

    Anyhow, I was BORN with a potentially fatal disease, that has to do with certain anesthesia's, for the most part, but, they are now starting to research into some possible/probable and even a couple of pretty much confirmed *heat* related deaths, due to this little known disease I have (MH)...

    I cannot recall whether SSDI requested information from my 'episode' (how I was diagnosed, nearly dying on an operating table at age 5)... or if my *mother* thought to send that in to them (the ONE piece of paper we still had on exactly 'what' had happened, during that episode of MH)..

    Also, I mentioned my car accident, I'd had at age 19. (I was 100% disabled, and violently ill- with uncontrollable vomiting, and fibro, at the very least in August 2000, at the age of 22..)

    But, yes, as others have said above... and as it always is for 'we the sick people'... it pretty much falls on you, ill as you are, to get as much information as possible, to submit to the office.. any time you may have had physical therapy in your life, any surgery you've had, injury, time off from work due to illness or injury, etc.. mention it. whether it is 'small' or 'major'

    Nothing is small when you are up against the disability board, ill now, and basically (seemingly) begging, for what is rightfully yours, but, what we've all been made to feel ashamed of asking for...

    Just remember in your record/information gathering, that no one knows WHAT may cause, contribute to, trigger this & other illnesses we may have, so... offer up anything you do have, they* can decide what does, or does not matter to *them*, but, at least they'll have plenty to look at..

    Take care, best wishes, & hang in there..