Is it worth it to apply for disabilty.

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    Today I received my social security statement which shows what I qualify for and the earnings from my past jobs. I qualify for disabily for a set amount if I become disabled. This has been a tough decision and whether I consider myself disabled.
    The pain is awful, never goes away even with meds and I am sure many of you are the same way. I was terminated from my job about a year ago when I was on sick leave becuase I still was unable to return. I didn't apply for worker's comp or unemployment because I didn't think I qualified. I am sure I do now but it is too late.

    I am home all the time. I do the housework but it takes me a couple days to do what I did in a day before. I try to vacummun but that is too much for me. I got a light push sweeper so I can do light touches. Laundry takes me all day. And it is just laundry for two people, mainly my husband cause I never go anywhere and there are days I am just to tired to change or shower. Showering I hate. We do have a handicapped shower already in the house and I usually sit when I shower. If I stand too long I get very weak. I did the dumbest thing this weekend. It snowed, not much, so I thought I would clear the sidewalk. I only did a third of it and my body feels like I was a punching bag.

    I want to bring in money to the household. I feel so useless and just a waste of space. I want to feel like I contribute instead of sponge off. My husband calls me crazy cause he says I am just perfect and do many things to help our household and sweet stuff like that. It's great that he understands and supports me but then I feel he deserves much better, someone who can share in his life so he doesn't have to work so hard. I have been selling some artwork that I painted but for awhile now I haven't had the energy or the relaxation I need to paint. Am I disabled???? There is no way I could work through even a half a day of work. I hate that because I used to be so energetic. All my test results say I am fine, all cat scans, x-rays and ultra sounds say I am fine. How can I even be considered for disability. This is a last resort. It is my realization that I am a failure in life and a genetic or biological error. I feel like a bad person for even thinking of applying for disablility. My old doctor would help me but now she's gone and the new one thinks it's all in my head. I'm so exhausted, so much in pain...I wish for relief but know that I will only acheive it in death. Sad to say but it is true.

    Guess I am venting. I haven't slept well in weeks. I should just have typed my original question.

    Should I even consider disability or not, is it worth it.

    I am sorry for my long post.
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    sense it seems to take about 2 years to get it apply now and at anytime you can withdraw your request go to the ssa web site and read the adult listing of impairments to see how you quify under there rules
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    I sympathize with your situation completely. Aside from
    your financial needs, what I am hearing from you is that
    you really need a good doctor. I had one of those dr.s
    that wasn't knowlegable in Fibromyalgia. I had to research
    my symtoms on the internet and seek my own help. Luckily,
    my hmo insurance covered this rheumatologist, who I might
    add is the most wonderful man on Earth, besides my husband.
    He put me on anti-depressants,muscle relaxers, gave me a
    prescription for warm pool therapy exercises,and
    told me to rid my life of as much stress as possible. He
    also has not released me back to work, March will be one year.You sound like you're going through exactly what I have
    gone through. I was extremely depressed. Not anymore.
    I have also applied for ss dis. I have retained a good
    lawyer, and am hoping like you,it will be granted sometime
    early next year. Wish me luck. The best to you, hang in there.

    Deb :eek:)

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    Anybody wanting a disability needs to get a SS disability lawyer that has done FMS, CFS or MFP cases this is a must and you pay only if you win.
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    Dear Kristen...My name is Vicque. I have been an LPN for 12 years, and now find that I can not work, my FM is worse than ever, however, I am a fighter, and have to admit that my pride is battling with this issue of filing. But I am going to do so based on the fact that I will not let my pride stand in the way of recieving any benifits due to me. I have worked and paid taxes since I was 17. I would love your input in my book I am writing on this DD. I have posted a request for my friends here on this website to list the 5 things that they have lost due to these illnesses. I can relate to everything you have said in your post. Even though my husband is supportive, I sense his frustration with me often. We have recently had to sell our home and the two of us will be moving today or tomorrow about 30 miles from here. I know he feels the stress of "having to do it all", but I will get in there and try as hard as I can, lifting all the furniture, boxes, and so forth. I know I will pay for this on the physcial aspect, but there is no one to help us. I feel your frustration where it comes to not bringing in the income they once counted on us for. My paycheck was substansual for us, and the guilt is relentless. Hold your chin up Kristen, we will be heard. Packing one box at a time is an accomplishment. Here's one for you to laugh at. I understand the shower thing....and have counted it a good day when I shaved my would love to hear from you on my post...your in thoughts and prayers. I think you'll get some prospective and insight when you read what others have written on my post for the book. I'll be watching you on the board about the ssi...don't give up, I'm in there with you...Peace and hugs....Vicque
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    Quequay Honey, have you tried a hot bath? I don't feel like showering often so I draw a hot bath and sink into it. It is often the highlight of my day. You can even use Calgon bubbles if you are on guai and trying to avoid sals.

    I do my housework much the same way, whatever I can do and I stop beating myself up if can't cook for a few days, just eat out at an inexpensive restaurant. You're lucky to have a supportive husband, try not to worry about letting him down... if he says you're perfect, well then you are.

    Regarding disability, yes apply and try to learn if the insurance company normally turns down people with FMS/CFS; if so hire the sharpest attorney you can find. If you're talking ssd only, you can try applying yourself and see if you're accepted. If not, or if you can';t cope with all the forms, hire a lawyer -- it makes all the difference to have someone on your team who knows the game. It is a game.

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