is its rhuematoid arthritis ???????help please

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  1. IF I have r a than why in the world am I hurting in places other than joints? I have mo idea whats going on but the pain travels all over the place.My speaking skills are gone my ability to understand people is gone.Someone will say something to me and I take it the wrong way.I feel like I am falling apart.Please help with any information .Ruthie
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    Did your Rhuemy test you for RA?

    You can have both RA and FM, unforunately.

    Sound's like you need to go back and tell your doctor your symptom's to get a more complete diagnosis.

    Best wishes,

  3. Cromwell

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    yOU probably have both in that case. I have had false tests for Lupus three times and RA twice. None of them test as positive now.

    It seems pie in the sky the testing at times.

    Sorry you have both going on. Many of u have arthritis as well as FM/CFS I think.

    Love Anne C
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    Ruthie -
    I can totally empathize with you and your frustrations. My pain travels and I have a lot of inflammation.

    My rheumatologist is determined to treat people not numbers/blood results. As a result I have been on Humira for 2 1/2 months but my tests were negative for the RA factor. I have felt better then ever.

    However I have noticed my cognitive skills have plummeted like you describe above. It feels like as my pain decrease, my inablity to speak and understand increases. I posted an article on a post called Cognitive...(I can't remember the title, but if you look under my profile you'll see it.)

    Last Friday, I went to see a Social Pyschologist that co-authored the article with my Rheumy. They seem to point towards FMS patients not strictly having memory or other cognitive problems - but FMS sufferers experience these issues when other distractions are introduced. The testing he did was extremely frustrating and very hard.

    Check it out...and good luck.