Is Kawasaki disease a Pediatric Form of CFIDS?

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  1. TeaBisqit

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    Horrible that John Travolta's son died. But what killed him sounds an awful lot like a pediatric version of CFIDS.

    "The direct cause of Kawasaki disease remains unknown, but some studies have shown a possible link between the disease and exposure to carpet-cleaning chemicals or living in an area close to a stagnant body of water, according to research gathered by Children's Hospital Boston's Kawasaki Disease Program."

    Back in 93, about the third year or so of my getting sick, I went to a support group meeting in this big office building. I felt like I was going to have a seizure. I had this weird pressure in my head and I couldn't breathe. And I told everyone I thought I was allergic to something they cleaned the carpets with in the building. No one believed me. And I've always said the same thing about Walmart. I feel like I'm allergic to something they clean the carpets with. There has to be something to that. What's interesting is, Kawasaki sounds like an offshoot of CFIDS and we never hear about it, is this a pediatric version of CFIDS? It sounds like an environmental related illness/MCS, but we never hear of it.
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    poor family. I know that his Mum has campaigned for years against the use of chemicals in homes.

    Very sad.

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    I read another article regarding the kawsaki and carpet cleaning. One doctor did not think it was the only the chemicals from the carpet cleaner, also the bacteria, mold and other contaminants that are released in the air when you clean a carpet. It is probably a combination of all. He said it was like a toxic soup released in the air.

    Back in 1978 I bought a house and had to clean the carpets. The carpets had been there for years and probably never cleaned. I remember how dirty they were and smelled bad. The had a dog so there was also also of dander. It was winter and 40 below outside so we had no ventilation in the house. Right after I started cleaning the carpets I started getting all sorts of illnesses. The first was panic attacks where I had to go outside and my heart was acting up. Then I developed hives all over my body for over two years. I developed severe asthma, cardiac arrythmia, you name it.

    After two years some friends were so worried about me they came over one night and just tore out all the carpeting from the house. I started to get better but it had been alot of exposure. If I knew what I know now. I would never even have carpeting. I have all hardwood floors in my house and keep them clean.

    This doctor said carpets are a terrible breeding ground for bacteria, molds, and everythings else. Also at this house I was always having pesticides sprayed outside in the summertime. Back then they were still using DDT. It definitely weakened my immune system and all I can say now is, I will never allow myself to be exposed to toxins again if possible.

    I am very careful about cleaning solutions.
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    How very sad for John and his family.

    I'm glad you brought this up. I have been wondering the exact same thing and researching it a little further.

    My son had Kasasaki's disease when he was 5. It was a horrible, aweful experience all around. When his fever didn't go down after two whole days of his regular doc telling me just tylenol and cool baths, I went to emergency room with him. Was told again, it's just a virus and not to worry. I was treated like a hypocondriac mother. My son was so sick, I kept telling them I think he's going to die, he has NEVER been this sick with ANY virus...Aweful, and oh how my poor son suffered all those days. They refused to admit him on my begging for such.

    When he said he was feeling better and the fever went away, I decided to bring him back to school because he really wanted to go. Well, he was putting his mitten on and I saw his hand...nearly all of his finger skin was peeled a severe burn healing. Finally, I brought him to a GOOD doctor (I thank God for that doc every day). He immediately sent us to a hospital an hour away for full cardiac workup. The pediatric cardiologist said he had no problems with his heart, and agian I should not worry, and that her sister had it as a youth and doesn't have any problems with it. I asked repeatidly about long term complications. She said it rarely ever causes any further problems, but the data was incunclusive.

    So, onto a little further in his life, he developes PLEVA. (Pityriasis lichenoides et varioliformis acuta). I ask if this is in any way related to Kawasaki's. I am assured no, he will be fine and one has nothing to do with the other. I really wish I had the internet then, and wasn't so naive to trust those doctors. My son continues to be ill alot more than his peers.

    I've often wondered if it was mold, the lake we lived next to, the cats, the cleaning stuff, tons of things I was asked about. No one knows for sure.
    Anyway, my answer to this is YES, I beilieve it is. I have read several things about Kawasaki's being chronic, just as CFS is. Doctors poo poo this too, just like chronic lyme. Also, many parents asking on several forums if others afflicted with Kawasaki's have also developed Fibromyalgia. A lot of them reported yes, a lot of them reported many symptoms, but no Dx to support it, and some who didn't think to put the two together until then.

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  5. TeaBisqit

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    You said you lived next to a lake. It's possible both you and your son got micoplasma from mosquito bites or other things that carry it. The water just rings a huge gong with that. But there is definitely something going on with carpet cleaning. There's some toxic substance with that. It's a shame the medical world is so naive about toxins. There are so many that could make us sick. I don't know why they continue to deny it.

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