is mustard good or bad for oral thrush?

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    im trying to find food products that might help and not hurt. how about lemon water? thank for any help. I have been struggling with this for over a year. I have found 2-3 things which helped but the very day they start working I am so weak and lifeless I cant stand it and have to stop. thanks again. Carolyn
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    whilthanks for both your replies. to answer qwestions - I have taken garlic softgels-1000mg. or 10mg (don't quite understand label info) after 3 days-weak and lifeless. stopped took 3 days to get over it. tried ev coconut oil - 1/8 tsp. -3 days-same thing happened-weak and lifeless. 3 days to get over. tried enzymatic pearl 1billion 3 days - same thing. I might also add im housebound and have been for almost 30 yr. with this and barely manage self care and am aging so thinking that could be why micro small doses knock me for a loop. confused, no I don't crave sweets while im taking it but when weakness and lifeless feeling hits I want something sweet to help me feel better. carolyn
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    diane, I have read just the opposite for acv and other things too. I have been so confused about whats good or bad to eat for thrush. I have been dealing w/this for over a year.. I would really like to find something to get rid of this throat problem w/o taking me down more. thanks for listening. carolyn
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    Some other contributing factors for Thrush are
    Uncontrolled Diabetes
    Poor fitting dentures- or wearing them to sleep
    Excessive use of Mouthwashs as they disturb the balance of the bacterias necessary to kill the fungus

    Is there a reason not to use anti-fungals? There is rinse and lozenges that I know of. My grandmother had it and it was due to how she cared for her dentures. Some anti-fungals for a couple of weeks and denture care cleared it up and it never returned.
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    hodiane, thanks so much. regarding diet suggestions, I am already underweight and have lost more in the past year w/ this. I have been using more fats to try to gain a little but I really need high calorie sweets even if its stuff like instant breakfast drink. so as you well know it can be very hard. barely weigh 100 lbs. regarding nystatin have tried several bottles. last time I tried though it started to work and had same lifeless weak feeling. I have also read pros and cons of eating fermented foods. I will check out candex it must be different than ones I have been taking. I have prodophilus for a long time before I realized it was causing me anxiety and lack of concentration. tried taking 1/4 capsule - same thing happened. will try vinegar too does it kill fungus? thanks carolyn
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    one more question. are fruits okay ? I had read no fruits. carolyn
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    pthank you diane. bless you . you sure do have a lot to deal with as probably many of us. im considering an ent. my thrush is in throat. but ditto-as you said about drs. when they don't know our chronic condition and sensitivity makes it even worse. just getting there is an effort for lots of us. thanks for the tips in your last post.. oh and that puzzle you spoke about, I struggle every day to try to figure it out. thanks again carolyn
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    mimmic - that weak lifeless feeling you get sounds very much like herxing. Several years ago I used ev coconut oil for recurring yeast infection. It made me verrrry tired for some 10 days - that was a sign it was working, killing the candida, it was a herx reaction. There was no way around it, I just had to tolerate it but it did get better. I found I had to start with a small dose.

    So you may have to up with some unpleasant symptoms for several days but unfortunately it may be necessary to get rid of the candida.

    Have you seen an integrative medicine doctor? As I'm sure you know, regular docs are pretty much useless when it comes to CFS/ME. Your adrenals might be wiped out, which causes severe fatigue and could make you housebound. A chiropractor who does muscle testing helped me with my weak adrenals and I think without him I would have become bedridden. He gave me an adrenal glandular by Standard Process - Drenatrophin PMG, I had to take 3 or 4 times the usual dose in the beginning. The chiro also helped me with several digestive issues. is a website for integrative medicine doctors. If you scroll over "health resources" at the top of the page, you'll see "physician-link" which is a search feature to find an IM doctor in your area.

    Best wishes,

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    mary, thanks for your reply. it was your post on ev coconut oil that caused me to try it. but that feeling I get is so horrible I just lay lifeless not even feeling like opening my eyes but not going to sleep. so im reluctant. I have looked for an integrative doctor around here of an infectious disease dr. I didn't know chiropractor was one. thanks for adrenal suggestion. I will ask dr. next time I go. thank you. carolyn
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    Well ladies I'm so glad I stumbled upon your post! Is yeast a common thing with Fibro sufferers? I went through almost a year of hell with a severely painful and swollen tongue that was quite a mystery. Since I also had receding gums (along with many other problems) I went to dentist, periodontist, primary care doc and finally ENT. Since I had no white stuff showing in my mouth everyone chalked it up to dry mouth and teeth grinding. It was awful, but then most of my life has been since chemo, one thing after another. ENT's swab test found nothing, so he did a tongue biopsy and cut out a piece of my tongue which was real fun. Finally yeast showed up I did nystatin and I think Diflucan ? It took a month but finally my tongue went back to almost normal, many more months til I could eat normal again or as close as I could with IBD gut issues, lactose intolerance etc.

    Anyway my tongue is having issues again. I suspect it's the last couple weeks of Levaqin Augmentin and prednisone for an ear infection from hell that blew my eardrum and went to mastitis in 2 days, which I still can't hear well out of, and I see the ENT tomorrow. I'm also on Acyclovir to prevent a shingles-viracella zoster flare up in my head where I'd had swelling of the sheath around my optic nerve, confirmed VZV after spinal tap because of suspected meningitis near the end of chemo 3 years ago. Just 4 months ago I had a flare up and Trigeminal neuralgia had me screaming in pain several weeks!

    I have never heard of hexing until just reading the above response from Diane. I'm just wondering if there's any connection, which I've been trying to figure out seeing every specialist in the book for the ongoing neurological and overwhelming exhaustion that's been getting worse instead of better. I blame the chemo for totally screwing up my life, and if I could only go back and try a holistic natural approach I would in a heartbeat.
    Anyway just wanted to say hi and thanks for this discussion, I will try some of the above recommendations also! Take care ladies,