Is my Rummy really a DR

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    Hi all,
    I just came from my rummy and I am steaming mad. She has always checked for the trigger points period. Well today was no different. I am going into a flare which we almost always know when we are, asked her if there was anything that she could give me to ease it/and or prevent it. Her answer was "you have had this long enough just ride it out"
    My GP will give me Vicodien when I am in flare and she further told me "not to take them because they are a narcodic and I will be addicted to them." I know that but to function and go to work I need something. Her answer was "take a warm bath when you get home at night" She evedently has no idea what this is like. So what am I to do?
    Now I have to see the regular Dr. $$$ to get the meds so I don't crawl into the fetal possition for a week. I was so mad I got on line and found a rummy that specialist in FM. Sorry to ramble, does anyone have a DR that specialist in DD. Hopefully he will do something helpful. Yeah stress can brig on a flare what the heck is she thinking???
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    and/or to go to a pain specialist. To find a new doc, you can click on the Doctor Referral tab above, or start a new post asking for docs in your area.

    To go to a pain specialist/pain management clinic, I have no idea how to go about it (I have CFS). You might need a referral from your doc, I'd say your GP sounds like a good bet. Or maybe you can just look them up in the yellow pages.
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    She has not even given me an asprin!! Other than taking my $$$ I do not think she does much for me but document my progress. (Or lack of) I am still working so I guess since my GP is helping me with that!