Is Olive leaf is effective against Lyme?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by suz9601, Jul 18, 2006.

  1. suz9601

    suz9601 Member

    Just wondering if anyone knows..I posted on Lyme board too but some dont go over there. I cant tolerate abx right now and am trying natrual things. Is OLE effective against lyme? Thanks
  2. Shannonsparkles

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    I guess I really don't get around!

    I don't know about whether olive leaf helps. My naturopath suggested the following protocol for lyme.

    For 7-14 days:
    1/3 tsp sea salt, taken every hour for 8 hours
    1000mg vitamin C, taken every hour for 8 hours

    daily for three months:
    4000mg prime chlorella (to aid removal of lyme neurotoxins)

    I'm just starting out with this program, so I can't vouch for success. But I will say this, doesn't cost much, doesn't have anything weird in it.

    Hope someone will have more info.
    ((bumping up)) Shannon
  3. Michelle_NZ

    Michelle_NZ New Member

    wow this is really freaky.. I had just read this thread, did not add because I had nothing to offer, then went to do a google on something else.. and found this....

    Cumanda is very effective in treating the Borrelia burgdorferi bacteria, and practitioners are now using it in conjunction with Samento to treat Lyme Borrelisosis (Lyme Disease).

    If you do a search on "Rio Health Nutramedix Cumanda" you will find it.

  4. rockyjs

    rockyjs Member

    A friend of mine took a combination of Cumanda and Samento for months but didn't make any progress. She's now doing low dose injections of antibiotics with a lyme expert in our city. He feels that CD57 lymphocyte tests are a good way to measure progress. Apparently chronic lyme patients have a much lower level than normal and as they improve the levels come back up.

    I am actually seeing improvement with Saventaro (similar to Samento but in capsule form). When I'm taking it I sleep much better and my thinking is clearer. I haven't done a Western Blot, just the Bowen test.

    I don't think OLE will hurt, but I doubt it will impact the lyme. I really think the TOA-free cat's claw, either Samento or Saventaro, is your best bet. I have a friend who'd had what he thought was Parkinson's for ten years (turned out to be lyme) and was out of his wheelchair in three weeks after taking Saventaro. Knowing him he probably took more than the recommended dose, but it worked.

    I don't tolerate antibiotics either so I keep an eye out for any alternative treatments. I do know a couple of lyme experts that friends have seen claim you just can't cure lyme without ABX treatment, but I will keep plodding along and do the best I can with the natural approach.

  5. pawprints

    pawprints New Member

    I am also trying the Cumanda approach for Lyme. I am not anti abx, just have such a bad reaction to them.

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