Is one sided burning facial pain associated with FM.

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by blossom1, Jun 6, 2006.

  1. blossom1

    blossom1 New Member

    Is anyone out there experiencing burning facial pain with altered sensation. I am at the end of my tether with the medical profession who do not believe the extent of pain I am experiencing day and night in the right side of my face. I was diagnosed with FM 3 years ago, but every doctor I see does not appear to take it seriously. I saw a Dr. today who told me it is the pain medication that is causing my pain. Is anybody else experiencing this attitude.
  2. kat-E

    kat-E New Member

    I am not really sure... I had my first severe bout of this a week or two ago. Quite uncomfortable at best. Doc seemed concerned but since it had gone away by the time I got in she did nothing about it.

    I think it had something to do with a pinched nerve in my neck. I went to the chiropractor and it seemed to go away after that.

    I wish I could help you more... just know you are not alone in this.
  3. carebelle

    carebelle New Member

    I have been haveing what feels like a sun burn just on my left cheek for about three days.
  4. blossom1

    blossom1 New Member

    I feel throughly humiliated after yesterdays experience, it was as though the Dr had already made up his mind the pain is all in my mind. I feel as though I should give in, when I left the hospital yesterday I wanted a big hole to swollow me up. Your experience sounds very similiar to mine. By the way I live in England, at the moment it is 8-40 am
  5. Keeshondmom

    Keeshondmom New Member

    I too suffer from right side face pain and burning. This along with the burning in my shoulder/arm and hand makes me crazy indeed.

    I have found that a Physical Therapist who understands FM and Myofascial pain to be the only salvation for this problem.

    It is common for FM sufferers to grind their teeth at night and subsequently develope TMJ and the burning sensation is a frequent outcome. A good Physical Therapist or Chiropractor can really help by giving you trigger point therapy.

    I am thrilled with the relief I get from this...
  6. Michelle_NZ

    Michelle_NZ New Member

    It starts out as numbnes in the morning - left side of head and face (under my eye and jaw), my teeth, down into my arm and hand.

    As the day progresses it gets stronger, then turns into pain, very bad pain, sometimes burning in my arms, and intense in my head and face. I had it last night. Had to lay on my bed with an icepack on my head. It felt like my head was going to explode, and my teeth were supersensitive, like the nerves were exposed.

    Strangely, it always is improved by morning, but it comes back every day now.

    My dr told me I had fibro last week, I think the symptoms have been starting for about 6 months. She said the facial pain and the numbnessa are part of the fibro, and I read somewhere that the burning sensations are too.

    Take care
  7. ephemera

    ephemera New Member

    I've had facial burning for years & it is very, very painful! I experience intense redness & burning in localized areas, such as the jaw line, cheecks, ears, etc. The redness & burning moves about the face for hours, such as left to right, top of the ear to the bottom, etc. The combination can only stop on its own. Cold water, ice & laying in a dark room only help momentarily. it's like my skin is on fire at the surface, it's not a deep burning pain.

    i've seen doctors who are mystified after guessing sinus problems, hormones, allergies, TMJ, Gulf WAr Syndomre, etc.

    it's mostly in the evening, though sometimes afternoon. I don't wake up with it in the morning though I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night with it. It happens when i'm walking, sitting, reclining, exercising in the water, talking with people, reading by myself, etc.

    The redness & pain don't go into my arms or neck. I can go days without it, then I'll have it for 4 hours non-stop. Rarely a week goes by without it. Changes in medicaiton do not alter the burning or redness.

    best wishes
  8. ephemera

    ephemera New Member

    About the infection, my doctor recently prescribed Flonase for my nose & ear infections. Hadn't taken it in years, so just now starting again.

    everyone has a guess, no? what gets me is when they sound like instant experts.
  9. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    I am like Michelle, alternates with numbness and is on the left. I was just redaing up on thyroid as I have Hashimotos and read that this sort of thing can be caused by thyroid esp. when one gets carpal tunnel too.

    I have ot look and see where in Engy you are. I am from North West, been USA for 23 years now.

    Love Anne Cromwell
  10. stagename

    stagename New Member

    i'll bump my old post on migraine for you to read.
  11. stagename

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  12. stagename

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  13. blossom1

    blossom1 New Member

    Hi Michelle, you have described very similar symptoms. A pin prick feels no more than touch from a cottonwool bud on my forehead, under my eye, around the back of my ear and jaw line. When I saw the neurologist last week he stated this was insignificant and his opinion was that the pain was due to taking too much codiene based medication. I tried to explain that I also need pain relief for the fibro but he wasn't interested. I came out of his office close to tears and feeling throughly humiliated. Did your Dr. give you any advice?

    love Blossom
  14. Michelle_NZ

    Michelle_NZ New Member

    Sadly I have had similar experiences with doctors. I saw a neurologist about 2 weeks ago who was so rude and nasty. She said there was nothing wrong with me and I "just need to get up each day, decide what I'm going to do and then do it!"

    She said all the numbeness, pain etc was nothing to worry about... not for her it isnt!!! It's a night mare for me though! I'm in tears most days by the time I go to bed. The facial pain is worsening - I feel like no one is taking me seriously. I have a referral to a pain clinic so I'm hoping I will finally get some help.

    Take care

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