Is our bedding making us sick?

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  1. MamaDove

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    WARNING: Sudden Infant Death references

    Now bear with me...I am fogged out, having more than a bad day and I also cut the grass and vacuumed and in between was stung by a bee...Yes, big day!!!

    A possible theory...Our bedding is making us sick?

    I saw on some news channel yesterday, a professor in some country (Canada?,France?)said that children were dying of SIDS because of the offgassing of the crib mattresses and causing a type of 'nerve gas' that leads to the babies death. It is then classified as SIDS...

    Now don't shoot the messenger here...keep reading...

    He then gave the statistics of SIDS deaths in the USA and although I can't recall the amount, 1 is too many, this figure was outright ridiculous...

    He said we need to cover our mattresses (remember he is referring to crib mattresses) with layers of cotton, several layers, for the protection required to not allow the 'nerve gas' to do its damage...

    I got to thinking...We don't know what causes our symptoms and bedding is something we certainly all share...Big, plush featherbeds...Thick Tempurpedic Foam jobbies and even the thinner ones that us poor people (me) can afford, the toppers...

    I have also thought that if it were JUST the mattresses, we would ALL be sick but then again, most babies sleep on the same mattresses as the ones we lose to SIDS...

    If you read this and respond, please keep the subject to MATTRESS issues only...In rereading this, I realize this subject could bring discussion about many topics, esp. SIDS, and what we have learned through the years regarding the lil ones deaths...

    I also, more importantly, don't want anyone upset over this...Statistics say that we have lost many babies to this and let me say that if anyone on this board has gone through this terrible ordeal, I am sorry to resurrect it by posting this topic...

    This man seemed genuine and gave 'Proof' that his theory is correct...In his country, noone has died of SIDS since...

    With all the foam in our mattresses (petroleum) and all the feathers (that are bleached) and all the fabrics (which come from who knows where, made out of whatever), this discovery seems far too long in coming...After all, we spend hours and hours in our beds...

    Has anyone ever thought of this before? Is there a connection to those with our illnesses? Being such a 'sensitive' bunch (self-defined) are we more apt to suffer from our sleeping accomodations?

    I use a thick cotton cotton cover over both my pure foam mattress and tempurpedic-type topper PLUS 320 count sheets. I don't even think bedbugs could get through all that...

    Love to hear what you have to say about this 'theory'...There is a reason why some people sleep on boards and awake completely refreshed...Not that I am ready to sleep on a board...tehe

    At least one a day I come up with something I think that could be the 'magic bullet' we are all looking for, I am just recently beginning to follow-up on my gut-feelings, cause one of these 'feelings' just may be the answer...

    Back to drinking my Twisted Tea...tehe...Just had one, so you know this isnt alcohol-induced blather...I'm serious!

    Peaceful days ahead~Alicia
  2. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    This needed to be brought to Members attention. I believe
    that "fire-retardants" have also been a problem as they
    used them freely in chrildrens sleep and other clothing!

    Probably my mattress is full of Chems and I've been con-
    cerned about that possibility!!

    Thanks again, hope this gets widely read.
  3. Pianowoman

    Pianowoman New Member

    I'm sure that those with MCS could be severely affected by outgasing of mattresses or pillows. I'm quite sure that this is one more type of toxin that gets into all our systems and adds to our problems. I see toxic exposure as cumulative for most of us.
    Using cotton covers has been recommended and I think would be a helpful way to reduce toxic exposure. As for SIDS, I'm not sure. There are a lot of theories but I wonder if they really know.
    Thanks for pointing this out.

  4. carebelle

    carebelle New Member

    This is very interesting . It would be interesting if a certain bran or maker of mattresses had a higher count of customers with CFS/FM.I've own several in my life time but could only remember what I sleep on now.

    Maybe you should give this information along with your theory to the EPA they can investigate or even have an answer for you now.

    Also who investigates things like children's sleepwear may also wish to conduct a survey on this.

    Good Post Alicia I hope you continue your research on this and let us know what you find out
  5. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    I have often suspected that being in bed causes me to be ill. Often if I move to the couch I seem not quite as bad.

    If you read this week too, the problems being caused by sprays and clean air scents etc to the body that they now know are not mere speculation, then it could figure.

    I have a foam topper and it seems to me I started getting sick when I first started using them and they started using foam in mattresses too.

    Feathers and flock(cotton batting) mattresses are natural, although one has to watch what they have been treated with.

    Interestingly, the soldoiers getting gulf war syndrome were sleeping on roll up foam pads. vynil covered.

    This is very interesting. Maybe I will try removing the pad and see if things improve.

    Love Anne
  6. BethM

    BethM New Member

    I try to keep that which touches my skin as simple and pure as possible. I do sleep on a Select Comfort bed, which has vinyl in it, but I have a 100% cotton mattress pad and 100% cotton sheets.

    As I mentioned in another post, one of these days I will splurge and buy a set of sheets made of organically grown cotton, without any dyes in them. Ahhhh, luxury!

    For now, I settle for all cottons, good quality, and use detergents without colors or dyes, and use vinegar instead of fabric softeners or bleaches.

    I believe that the chemicals used in manufacturing much of what we use and wear in daily life affects our bodies, especially our endocrine systems.

    Our beds are so important to be made as non-toxic as possible. Think about it, we are nose to nose (so to speak) with our pillows and sheets and mattresses for at least one third of our lives!

    There is a company in San Francisco or Berkeley that sells the "Oxygen Pillow." Made of pure and clean materials, it is supposed to cradle the head and neck in such a way as to improve breathing during sleep. They are expensive, but I may save up and buy one. I like the whole idea! If I can't have a mattress that is 100% free of toxins, maybe such a pillow would be a good second choice. (I think the company is European Sleep Works.)

    Anyway, I know I strayed from the 'mattresses only' request, but that upon which we sleep is all intertwined and connected.

    So, my 2.5 cents.


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  7. MamaDove

    MamaDove New Member

    and taking the time to read my post...I think it's something we need to think about...All these chemicals around us. how awful!

    I will keep this on my list of things to delve into further. I wish I still worked in NY in the furniture industry, it would be much easier to get info that way, but I'll still try...

    Peace to all~Alicia

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